Monday Jul 04, 2011

JDK 7 and Java EE 6/GlassFish at Java Noroeste

Simon Ritter and I presented on JDK 7/8/9 and Java EE 6/7 at Java Noroeste, the Java User Group in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil.

As characteristic of Brazilian hospitality, we were given a very warm welcome at the airport by about 8 JUG members. About 60+ attendees missed a local soccer (or football as called in Brazil) game on a Sunday evening which was very humbling. Some of the attendees even traveled over 100km to attend the talk. This absolute craze for Java can only happen in Brazil :-)

Simon talked about how Oracle is committed to make Java successful for everybody, the new features coming in JDK 7 and plans for JDK 8 and 9. I talked about Java EE 6 and GlassFish and showed how a web application can be easily created using NetBeans. The usual "kilobyte and miliseconds" deployment of Java EE 6 applications on GlassFish was very well appreciated by the Spring users who have to wait a LONG time for deployment of three-digit MB WARs.

Thiago Gonzaga, an ex-Sun Campus Ambassador, did an excellent job translating from English -> Portuguese for both of us. He is also arranging a Java Day for the local community so talk to him or post a message on their page if you'd like to participate or sponsor.

After the event concluded about 9:30, we had dinner at a local restaurant which was very relaxing.

Some pictures from the event ...

And the evolving album ...

Next stop Brasilia ...

And one of the most amazing thing is that a local Java developer, Paulo Jeronimo, has organized a community run at 6:30am tomorrow morning. He even planned the entire course starting at Golden Tulip Hotel:

So I think its going to be a good start of the day. And for all the runners (hopefully), I got Odwalla bars ... so be sure to be there and run together :-)

Saturday Jul 02, 2011

FISL12 Trip Report - Special Appearance by "Javali" and "Code Monkey"

FISL is the biggest open source conference in Latin America and had about 7000 participants in the FISL 12 that concluded earlier this week. This was my third consecutive year (2010 and 2009) and as every year the conference was packed with lectures, workshops, demonstrations, booths, presentations, and lot more.

Anil Gaur, VP of Java EE Platform and GlassFish, gave a presentation on "Oracle GlassFish Server: A flexibly, light-weight, and production-ready Java EE 6". There were about 100 attendees in the theatre-style seating. The talk gave a great overview of the explosive growth happening in the GlassFish community on all fronts. It also gave an overview of how GlassFish is the first platform to provide clustering and high-availability for Java EE 6 applications with full commercial support from Oracle. The 2-instance session failover demo that I started to show in the talk did not work completely and my digging is still going on but here is a basic analysis so far.
  • The GlassFish High Availability depends on GMS which further relies on UDP Multicast (more details here). I've shown this demo on my previous machine (a Macbook) multiple times and in different configurations of with or without an IP address. But multicast is enabled by default on Macs. However Natty Narwhal does not seem to be configured that way, at least by default. And so even though I could create a cluster, the application with HA enabled could not be deployed. 
  • The GlassFish 3.1 Certification Matrix provides a complete list of supported platform and Ubutnu 10.10, not 11.04 (demo machine), is listed as a supported developer platform. There might be bugs in this newest release of Ubuntu or how Grizzly picks a network interface for binding when there is no bind interface address setup and the default interface (eth0) is not connected.
More details on how this will eventually get fixed in a later blog.

Other than that I gave two presentations on "The Java EE 7 Platform: Developing for the Cloud" and "Running your Java EE 6 Applications in the Cloud: and the slides are now available:

There were about 60+ attendees for the 9am talk on Java EE 7. Check out more details about the evolution of Java EE 7 at All the component JSRs have their independent pages as well with the format: <component> where <component> is "jpa", "ejb", "servlet" and "jsf".

The second preso turned out a lot more fun than originally planned with the two surprise co-speakers - "Javali" and "Code Monkey". The audience seem to enjoy the interesting conversation as part of the talk, pictures below. There is usual engaging with the community, talking to folks at the booth, explaining Oracle's open source strategy, and customer visits.

Also, check out Java Spotlight podcast #36 where Anil Gaur talks about GlassFish 3.1.

There were several other talks given by Oracle employees covering JDK 7, NetBeans, OpenJDK, MySQL and other open source offerings.

Check out some pictures from the event:

And, as always, the evolving album:

See you next year!

Now on to Sao Jose do Rio Preto ...

Thursday Jun 23, 2011

FISL 12, Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Brasilia, DFJUG, Goiania, and The Developers Conference, São Paulo

Java EE 6/7 and GlassFish are visiting multiple cities in Brazil:

Jun 26 - Jul 2
FISL 12, Porto Alegre
Jul 3
Sao Jose Do Rio Preto JUG
Jul 4 - 5
DFJUG Taguatinga, Brasilia and other venues
Jul 6 - 7
Goiania JUG and other venues
Jul 8 - 9
The Developers Conference, São Paulo

  • Even though my main focus will be Java EE 6/7 and GlassFish but feel free to ask any question.
  • There are several speakers from Oracle at FISL so stop by at the booth and talk to us.
  • @paulojeronimo, with the help of the local community, organized a 10k run on the morning of Jul 5th. So please feel free to run along, should be fun.
  • @raphaeladrien mentioned about some nice parks near my hotel in Goiania so you'll find me running there as well.
  • There will be interesting discussions around different Web frameworks in Goiania.
  • And then there are always 4 things to not miss in Brazil - Churrascaria, Guarana, Coffee, Caipirinha.
Where will I see you ?

Tuesday Dec 14, 2010

Java EE 6 & GlassFish @ JavaOne Brazil 2010 - All Slides

JavaOne Brazil got over and GlassFish team delivered multiple sessions + hands-on labs there. All the related slides from different sessions (JPA 2, HK2 and WebLogic, JAX-RS 1.1, Java EE 6 programming model explained, Java EE 6 IDE Tools, JSF 2, Servlets 3, EJB 3.1, Technical keynote)  are now available in the playlist given below:

Check out pictures and blog commentary as well!

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Sunday Dec 12, 2010

JavaOne Latin America 2010 is a wrap - Oracle and Community!

JavaOne Brazil 2010 is over ... oh what a fulfilling experience!

Did you know that this was the first JavaOne in South America ?
Did you know that half of the talks were presented by local community ?
Did you know that several members from the community were involved in paper selection process ?

There is a unrelenting demand for Java technology in this market. Talk about the passion, most of the rooms were packed 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Some of the sessions had to be repeated because of their popularity. The message from several folks was loud and clear that a bigger venue is needed for the next year as the event is expected to only grow next year. This feedback has already been conveyed to the events tea

The overall logistics, production crew, events team, security staff, and every body else functioned like a great orchestra to deliver a great performance!

Here is a collage of pictures from the event:

The complete album is available at:

More detailed blog reports are available at:

I recorded a video talking to some of the key community members who were involved in the call for papers. They gave an extremely positive feedback on how Oracle involved the community for the entire process, watch it yourself:

Here are some of the comments from the video:

SOUJava is very proud that Oracle gave country and the community a chance to participate in JavaOne Brazil.

Despite all the suspicions, SOU Java is very glad that community participated in the talk selection process.

The community is feeling that Oracle is hugging the community.

Oracle is very receptive of suggestions from the community.

Oracle's move is very right and wise one and the message is clear after call for papers, keynote, and content.

The community needs that kind of support [provided by Oracle] so we can do our best.

JavaOne is about whole ecosystem, not about one company and a few. Allowing local developers to show their projects makes JavaOne Brazil a real JavaOne.

We from the JUG community are very very happy that Oracle is listening to our requests.

I had a lot of fun, found several new GlassFish deployments, gave 3 presentations, 1 hands-on lab, 2 keynote demos, 1 impromptu discussion on Java-based Web Frameworks, 1 MySQL community event, and met/talked to a ton of passionate developers. Overall the presentations were well delivered and got supporting tweets/comments from attendees:

@felipecao: @arungupta great sessions at #javaone #brazil, really liked it, even made me wanna try #jsf2 (not a big fan of #jsf12)

@marcus_dev: Productive and entertaining lectures on #javaone. Congratulations @arungupta Bye bye #javaonebrasil see ya next year!

@dlameri: Me too RT : So - #javaonebrasil is over - I officially became a @arungupta fan - I has been great!

@BooVeMan: So - #javaonebrasil is over - I officially became a @arungupta fan - I has been great!

@edsonyanaga: It was a most excellent presentation of @#JavaOne arungupta in Brazil. This time on Servlets 3.0 Participation Special Juggie (JavaMan)

@loiane: @arungupta 's talks are so fun! #JavaOne #JavaOneBrazil

@anabrant: Very good and funny speach by @arungupta with Juggie at #JavaOneBrasil

@diogowinck: the lecture @arungupta was awesome.

@loiane: #javaOne with @arungupta is very hands on! Fantastic!

@loiane: Lecture on the @EJB arungupta now at JavaOne in room #1. The guy is The Man!

@loiane: to beginning to think that @arungupta is a light being sent to help in our evolution #JavaOne ...

And many more ...

Muito Orbigado, See ya next year!

In the mean while, catch us at JavaOne Beijing this week ...

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Friday Dec 10, 2010

JavaOne Brazil 2010 - Day 3 Slides + Pics + Special Guest ;-)

JavaOne Latin America or JavaOne Brazil 2010 Day 3 (Day 2, 1, and 0) continued to build on the momentum from previous days. The attendees showed the same level of excitement and enthusiasm and the sessions continue to be packed.

I started my day by giving a presentation on "Hyperproductive JSF 2.0" and explained the various key improvements in the Java Server Faces 2.0 such as:
  • Facelets as templating language
  • Ease-of-use to create composite components
  • Integrated Ajax support
  • Partial state saving
  • System Events
  • Resource handling
  • Optional "faces-config.xml"
and many others. The slides are available now:

The second presentation of the day for me was on "Servlets 3.0 - Asynchronous, Extensibility, Ease-of-use" and explained the key improvements made in that area such as:
  • Optional "web.xml" in common cases by using corresponding annotations
  • Dynamic registration of Servlet
  • Pluggability of additional frameworks using web fragments
  • Asynchronous Servlets
  • Security enhancements
and many other improvements. The slides are available now:

This particular session turned to be slightly comical as Juggy, the mascot of JUGs, showed keen interest in the technology. He got super excited any time code was shown on the screen and has a particular liking towards NetBeans. He kept the audience entertained by asking really useful questions and surprised me on how quickly was able to grasp the concepts. Another effect of having Juggy in the session was the bloated attendance of 350+ for this particular session, thank you Juggy for making the session very interesting! Here are some tweets from the session:

@_diogo: Show the puppets at JavaOne #during a talk on arungupta @Servlet 3.0 (via @dlameri) / / funny

@edsonyanaga: It was a most excellent presentation of @#JavaOne arungupta in Brazil. This time on Servlets 3.0 Participation Special Juggie (JavaMan)

@pelosmeusolhos: @arungupta and juggie on #javaone brasil #comic and very #funny #j1br

@loiane: @arungupta 's talks are so fun! #JavaOne #JavaOneBrazil

@anabrant: Very good and funny speach by @arungupta with Juggie at #JavaOneBrasil

@dlameri: Show the puppets at JavaOne #during a talk about Servlet 3.0 @arungupta

And many more ...

The "Getting Started with Java EE 6" hands-on lab started with hiccups as the software was not installed on the machines. But many thanks to Ludo, Jerome, Sharat, and Petr who packaged all the material on a USB drive and then quickly installed on different machines. A couple of attendees were even able to complete the lab based and majority were able to make good progress.

The last session of the day was by Bruno Souza and Fabiane Nardon on "The Future of Java Developer" (CEHCK). They had great pyrotechnics (SPELLING CHC) display and were planning to have some fun but I had to leave early to accommodate the ridiculously long traffic times in Sao Paulo city :-) And I'm glad I because it took us 2 hours to reach airport, another 45 minutes to check-in, and about an hour to clear the security clearance. Jerome & Ludo had a longer and more adventurous ride to the airport so make sure to ask them details :-)

And now day 3 pictures from JavaOne 2010 in Brazil ...

And finally the completed photo album:

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Wednesday Dec 08, 2010

Java One 2010 Brazil Day 2 Trip Report - Pics & Slides

JavaOne Latin America 2010 (Day 1 and 0) started in an exciting way where I found a nice multi-instance cluster installation of GlassFish. More on that later but enjoyed meeting colleagues from different groups within Oracle.

I gave a presentation on "Whats New in Enterprise Java Beans 3.1" and the slides are available:

The attendees seem to like simplified packaging (EJB-in-a-WAR and deployment descriptor-free), no-interface bean, cron-like syntax, and other features were well appreciated by the users. All other sessions were going pretty packed as well to the extent that some of the sessions are having a re-run today and some of today's sessions have moved to a much bigger hall. Make sure to note the changes.

After that, Alexandra and I presented at a MySQL Community Event on how Java EE 6, GlassFish, NetBeans, and MySQL present an ideal open-source stack for building Web applications very easily, the slides are available:

Vinicius Senger from GlobalCode arranged an impromptu discussion on Java-based Web Frameworks at end of the day. There were representations from Java EE 6, Wicket, GWT, VRaptor,  Spring MVC, ADF, and Demoiselles. It was a lively discussion where each framework was talking about the pros/cons of different frameworks and the community was asking questions. CDI got good appreciation from different folks and it indeed is one of the most powerful technologies introduced in the Java EE 6 platform.

Matt Raibles "Comparing JVM Web Frameworks" presentation was discussed as well. The consensus was that the chosen frameworks are not an apple-to-apple comparison. For example, while Rails and Grails are complete stack, JSF2, Wicket, and Vaadin are presentation layers only. I gave the same feedback to him at Rich Web Experience as well so hopefully the matrix will be updated appropriately.

Also found some great deployments of GlassFish in this part of the world. We are looking for partners (System Integrators, Independent Software Vendors/Developers, Consultants, Training Partners) who can help us spread the message of GlassFish in South America. Drop a comment on this blog if you are interested.

For tomorrow, there are couple of changes to the list of Java EE 6 & GlassFish sessions ...
  • "S320003 - Servlet 3.0 Extensible, Asynchronous and Easy to Use" moved from its original slot of (4:15 - 5pm) to (4pm - 4:45pm) and the location changes from Auditorio 1 to the Keynote Hall (on the ground floor).
  • "S313189 - Complete Tools Coverage for the Java EE 6 Platform" moved from Auditorio 1 to Keynote Hall (on the ground floor).
Rest of the schedule stays as is.
And now day 2 pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 in Brazil ...

And finally the evolving photo album so far:

On a personal front, somebody mentioned the landscape from Chili, food from Peru, and girls from Argentina (or Brazil depending upon who you ask) is the most fascinating threesome ;-) I've never been to Chili, Peru, and Argentina so will have to figure out how to experience that :-) Any Java conferences there ?

Also, its weird to experience Christmas in the hot weather of Sao Paulo. I wonder the white christmas here refers to white sand on the beach.  The malls certainly have huge christmas trees and even there is a Santa station but feels awkard without the cold weather. Tomorrow is the last day of JavaOne and I'm soooo looking forward to head back home and can only think of the following song ...

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Tuesday Dec 07, 2010

Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Brazil Day 1 Trip Report

Oracle Open World 2010 Latin America was kick started this morning by Oracle's President Mark Hurd. Later Adam Messinger's (Vice President in Fusion Middleware group at Oracle) keynote started JavaOne Brazil and gave a status update on the Java platform. In his talk, Staffan showed a demo of JRockit Mission Control. TIM (a local Brazilian telecom company) showed how they are using Java to serve multi-million users in Brazil. Java FX super fast rendering capabilities were shown in a video. I showed how a multi-instance GlassFish 3.1 cluster can be easily created using web-based administration console. The steps to reproduce the demo are explained in the video below:

I accidentally left my tweetdeck open before the demo machines were locked and so tweets were popping all through out the demo. The attendees seem to had a good laugh at that :-)

The three Technical General Sessions by Danny Coward, Jerome Dochez, and Greg Bollela dig deeper into Java SE, Java EE, and Mobile/Embedded platforms. Jerome's talk showed a typical 3-tier application that allows the user to monitor twitter trends for pre-defined hashtags. More details about the application and downloadable code are available here.

And now day 1 pictures from Oracle Open World, Oracle Develop, and JavaOne 2010 in Brazil ...

Come by and meet us at the Java EE 6 booth in the JavaOne exhibitor floor. I reached little bit late to the OTN party but the place was totally rocking with the community.

This is Brazil so here is a sample of "booth models" at the exhibitor floor ...

This is not meant to offend anybody but just to show culutral shift obvious due to the geography. And yes, I took permissions from each of the models before taking their picture :-)

Here is another fun activity performed on the exhibitor floor:

Looking forward to Java EE & GlassFish sessions tomorrow and day after. And don't forget to attend the FREE MySQL Community Event tomorrow!

I enjoyed meeting Vinicius Senger, Yara Senger, Daniel deOliveira, Sven Reimers, Eduardo Lima, and several other Java community members.

And finally the evolving photo album so far:

Technorati: conf glassfish mysql brazil javaone oracle oow

Monday Dec 06, 2010

Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Brazil Day 0 Pictures

First set of pictures from Oracle Open World, Oracle Develop, and JavaOne 2010 in Brazil ...

And a picture from dinner with local Java champions and JUG leaders of Brazil ...

Looking forward to meet many others over the next 3 days.

And the evolving album so far:

JavaOne Brazil
starts in a few more hours and here are some pointers for you:
Technorati: conf glassfish mysql brazil javaone oracle oow

Sunday Dec 05, 2010

CEJUG, Fortaleza 2010 Trip Report

CEJUG, The Ceara Java User Group, in Fortaleza arranged a "Coffee with Tapioca" to listen how Java EE 6 & GlassFish allows them to be productive developers. The coffee is to signify Java and tapioca is a local delicacy. Typically there is both coffee and tapioca available but this meeting was arranged at a short notice so there was neither coffee nor tapioca ;-)

The JUG is about 8 years old and has 500+ members. There were about 50+ attendees for a Sunday morning which is a pretty big number considering a summer weekend.

Alexandra and I (both from Oracle) talked about overall Java strategy and drilled deeper in Java EE 6 & GlassFish. One of the JUG members did a live translation of our talks and did an excellent job of it. Once he even started explaining the code before I did :-) The audience was very interactive and not shy of asking questions.

Typically the two technologies that are not liked much by Java EE users are Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and Java Server Faces (JSF), and this audience was no different. But the entire set of attendees got pretty excited and willing to try it again after showing some of the major usability improvements made in the latest version of both the specifications. For example, the ability to package an EJB in a WAR file - with no deployment descriptor, no-interface, a single POJO class, and with just one annotation was very compelling. The default navigation rules where there is no need to use "faces-config.xml" in JSF2 confused one of the existing users but was very useful to him. Bridging the gap between presentation tier (JSF) and transactional tier (EJB) where an EJB can be used as a backing bean for a JSF page opens allows to write light-weight, yet powerful, applications. "web.xml"-free Servlets, Facelets templating language in JSF2, POJO-based RESTful Web services using JAX-RS, and several other features were well applauded.

The slides used in the talk are now available:

Alexandra, my colleague from Oracle, talked about the value proposition of commercial support for GlassFish. We are always looking for system integrators, value-added resellers, independent software vendors/developers who are interested in helping us grow the GlassFish ecosystem in Brazil. Please post a comment on this blog if you are interested in helping further our cause. Her presentation is available:

And the sample code built during the session is can be downloaded here.

On a personal front, I enjoyed running on Mercuripe beach and shopping in the local Sunday market. The Brazilian hospitality is always very warm as there was always at least some JUG member who was escorting us around the city.

Here are some pictures from Fortaleza:

And the complete album:

JavaOne Brazil
starts tomorrow and here are a few pointers for you:
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