Friday Sep 24, 2010

Oracle Open World / Java One 2010 Pics - Bloggers Meetup, JCP Party, Black Eyed Peas party, It's a Wrap

Here are some pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 from the Bloggers Meetup, JCP Party, Black Eyed Peas party, and It's a Wrap party ...

And the complete album at:

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Thursday Oct 15, 2009

Oracle Open World 2009 – Day 4 with Larry, Arnold , and Aerosmith

Day 4 of Oracle Open World 2009 (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3) was all about about spending time at the Java EE 6 exhibit, attending Larry's keynote and finally the Appreciation Event.

Larry talked about Oracle Enterprise Linux, Exadata v2, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Fusion Apps.

Exadata v2 runs Oracle database faster than any other machine on the planet. With Exadata v1, the advantages were pretty obvious with customers reducing query times from 24 hours to 30 mins and 30 min to 1 min and some observing 10x - 72x improvements. Exadata v2 is much faster and bigger than v1 with 400 GB of DRAM + 5 TB of flash gives spectacular random IO memory (1 million I/Os per second).

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a surprise appearance during Larry's keynote to talk about the technology innovation. Watch him speak in the 2-part videos below:

Watch Arnold's endorsement of Oracle/Sun merger starting at 1:15 in part 2 video above.

This was my first experience to watch Arnold speaking live at a conference and must say I was truly impressed, and feel honored, by our esteemed governor. He is a great business men who did not deter from the opportunity to sell "Kaalifornia" to all the conference attendees. And he still very much carry the charm & persona from his previous life as a superstar.

The Appreciation Event had an impressive lineup of rocks bands including Aerosmith and Roger Daltrey. There was a boardwalk carnival with Ferris wheel, thrill rides and a games arcade. And of course there were exotic treats to feed you. One thing was clear, Oracle certainly knows how to take care of their customers!

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

And the complete album at:

After attending Oracle Open World 2009 for four days, I'm more than eagerly waiting for the merger to complete now. Now whether they keep me or not, I'm confident that they'll be able to turn Sun around and make money out of it. If they keep me, I'm part of that success. If not, I'll get job elsewhere but at least will be happy to see Sun's products generating revenue :-)

Cmon EU!

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Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

Oracle Open World 2009 – Day 3 Report

Day 3 of Oracle Open World 2009 (Day 1, Day 2) started on an adventurous note for me. The San Francisco Bay Area got hit with the strongest October storm in 47 years and so the ride from home to Moscone Center took almost 30 extra minutes, because of flooded roads, strong winds, other accidents, and hydroplaning multiple times. Anyway only missed first few minutes of Thomas Kurian's keynote. Kurian is no stranger to the Java crowd because he is a regular keynote speaker at JavaOne. However it was totally impressive to see customer endorsements (both quality and quantity) and how they are using Oracle to solve operational problems.

Some more observations from the floor:

  • The last session gets over at 6:30pm and Moscone halls are closed after that, no late night BoFs or AfterDark events.
  • The game lounge is in the Moscone West only, not sure why. May be because that's where the Middleware stream is and that's where the developers are attracted ;-)
  • There is a dedicated slots for Exhibitor Hall where no other formal activities are happening.

I spent some time on the Java EE 6 booth talking about the technology and showcasing GlassFish features such as monitoring and Rails deployment.

Enjoy videos of marketing gimmicks by some vendors at the show floor:

The evening ended with the OOW Bloggers Meetup at LJ's Martini Club & Grill. It was good to meet fellow bloggers from Oracle and other companies. OTN folks arranged a game to promote social networking. Basically, everybody was given a tee-shirt to wear and whoever has the most signatures from other bloggers wins an HP notebook. A MacBook would've been a better incentive to compete for me ;-) Anyway there was beer and muchies to keep the bloggers happy. Thanks to Justin (aka "King of OTN") for picking the bill!

Here are some pictures from earlier today:

And the evolving album at:

If you are not able to attend in person, then you can follow OOW Blogs, Open World Live, @OpenWorld (twitter), Community tweets with #oow.

Looking forward to see Arnold Schwarzenegger discussing technology innovation with Larry Ellison tomorrow.

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