Sunday Aug 09, 2009

"Miles to go" is 4 years old ... yaay!

Last week (Aug 2 to be precise), this blog turned 4 years old.

All the way from Hello Blogsphere more than 4 years ago to multiple tips, screencasts, deep dive technical entries, fun stuff, running tips and lots more ... I've thoroughly enjoyed publishing content on this blog. Hope you did too :)

Here are some comparable statistics with ... Miles to go ...
Age 5 yrs, 4 months 4 years and 1 week
First Entry Apr 27, 2004 Aug 2, 2005
Total Entries 138248 944 (0.68%)
Total Comments 156060 3537 (2.26%)

Some "Miles to go ..." analytics ...
  • 732,251 visits and 984,877 page views since Jan 5, 2007 according to Google Analytics
  • 21,862 cities from 211 countries according to Google Analytics. Surprisingly (pleasant) London is far exceeding other cities :)
  • 837,889 visits since Jun 12, 2006 according to clustrmaps
  • 63.04% is organic search (58.37% from Google, 2.54% from Yahoo), 23.66% from referring sites, 13.2% is direct traffic
  • 50% of the visits come from Firefox, 38% from IE
  • 80% from Windows, 10.04% from Macintosh, 7.74% from Linux
From 3rd birthday ...
  • 287 blog entries & 1598 comments
  • Visitors from 12 new countries
  • 334,545 page visits & 427,352 page views
And here are some snapshots ...

Visitors from all over the world ...

Weekly page visits ...

Here are the topics with more than 50 entries ...

And now the complete tag cloud ...

Now lets see if this blog ever reaches 1000th entry ;-)

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Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

NetBeans is turning 10 next week!

NetBeans is turning 10 next week!

Wow, it's been 10 years and the IDE has certainly evolved tremendously over these years. My first usage of NetBeans goes back to version 3.6 (Mar 2004). The What's New list shows Code Folding, Native L&F for Windows and MacOS and Arrange Windows using drag-and-drop amongst many other features. And today, it leverages the mauturity of Java platform and incorporates comprehensive tooling for languages and frameworks other than Java such as PHP, Ruby-on-Rails, Groovy-on-Grails, C/C++, JavaScript, and many others.

Read complete history of how Xelfi evolved into NetBeans IDE as you know today!

Don't forget to enter NetBeans Decathlon to receive a limited edition NetBeans 10th Anniversary Shirt. GlassFish is one of the featured projects and some suggestions to particpate are:
  • Try the latest GlassFish v3 prelude build with v3 plugin
  • Share your experience with NetBeans and GlassFish integration on forum thread
  • Demo NetBeans/GlassFish to a friend and post a blog entry. Several demos are available here.
This blog has published 174 entries (including 25 screencasts) dedicated to NetBeans as shown by the tag cloud:

I wonder if that count towards getting the limited edition shirt ;-)

Anyway, participate in all the action on NetBeans Birthday. Enjoy birthday wishes from the NetBeans team who make it all happen seamlessly.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> </script>

Happy Birthday NetBeans!

And miles to go ...

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Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

"Miles to go ..." 3 years old

3 years and 4 days ago Hello Blogsphere! was the first entry on "Miles to go ..." (this blog).

657 entries & 1939 comments later, here are some stats after Google Analytics was enabled on Jan 4, 2007.

A steady growth of visitors in past 18 months ...

A World map overlay showing visitors country ...

And a different perspective of countries ...

Here is some data generated by Clustrmap from Jun 2007 - Jun 2007 ...

And then for Jun 2007 - Jun 2008 ...

And now the top rated content ...

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Thursday Apr 26, 2007 turns 3 (BSC) is a space available to any Sun Microsystems employee to write about anything. April 27th, 2007 is the third birthday of this space. Below is my contribution:


Total Blog Entries 65395 238 (0.36 %)
Total Comments 61617 211 (0.34 %)
First Entry Apr 27, 2004 Aug 2, 2005

There is even an aggregator for Sun alumni. Read interesting tidbits over past 3 years in Linda's (engineering program manager for BSC) blog. A complete collection of wishes can be viewed here.

Here is a partial list of ways I've benefited from this personal space:

  1. This personal space provides yet another opportunity to communicate effectively with our users.
  2. It's because of this personal space, we are able to establish community around GlassFish.
  3. It's because of liberty to write about anything on this personal space, I've been able to share my running and photography stories with people I've never known.
  4. It's because of this personal space, I got numerous wishes before my first marathon and completed it successfully.
  5. It's because of this personal space, a 10-year old friend contacted me yesterday.

The list can go on. This blog is, now, a significant part of my identity :)

Happy third irthday, and congratulations to BSC engineering team!

Tag: bsc3years birthday


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