Thursday Jan 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Wishing everybody a very happy and prosperous 2009!

With 275 total blog entries published during 2008 on this blog, 2008 was the most blogging-healthy year. Thanks to all the readers of this blog for a continually increased readership.

Here are some statistics for this blog for the year 2008 (2007 stats here) generated by Google Analytics:

2007 reported 183,031 visits and that shows upto 86% growth in page visits.

The average index is constantly over 2000 (again better than 2007). But there is a definite mismatch between numbers reported (powered by Roller) and Google Analytics. Unless the definition of "page views" is different, the numbers reported on this blog are constantly in the figure of 6-8K/day and Analytics report only in the vicinity of 2K.

Here is a geographic distribution of visitors:

And same data using ClustrMaps (from Jun 20, 2008 only):

Jun 2007 - Jun 2008 clustrmap is archived here.

Here is the tag cloud (including number of blog entries on each tag):

And finally here are the top-25 accessed blog entries:

Enjoy the new year eve celebrations all around the world:

Let 2009 bring peace and prosperity every where!

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Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

LOTD #12: Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2008 released State of the Blogosphere 2008. Here are some results from the report:

All previous entries in this series are archived at LOTD.

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I Voted!

I voted this morning, did you ?

The entire process was quite seamless. A house couple of blocks away was set up as the polling station. There was no queue around 8:45am this morning and everything took less than 10 minutes (including taking pictures ;).

Google Fight is not able to predict the winner:

Some other trends:

Watch similar trends from Aug 4, 2008.

Dont forget voting stations close @ 8pm tonight!

Check out flickr photostream from fellow voters.

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Sunday Aug 10, 2008

Pictures from San Franciso Marathon 2008

Some more pictures (taken by marathonfoto) from my recently concluded San Francisco 1/2 Marathon ...

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Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

Olympics 2008 Facebook app powered by Zembly, GlassFish & MySQL

Zembly is a browser-based social application development environment that allows you to create and host social applications targeted at Facebook, meebo, OpenSocial, iPhone and many others. Zembly is powered by Solaris, GlassFish and MySQL and running on's next-generation cloud-computing platform.

Keeping in spirit of the Beijing Olympics 2008 they announced a new Facebook application, My Picks Beijing 2008, that allow participants to predict Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for different countries. Read more about the app on Zembly's Blog, Press Release or Prakash's blog. In the left bar, choose your country and click on "PLAY NOW" to get started.

Learn more about Zembly from an interview with CTO of (embedded video below):

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Sunday Aug 03, 2008

San Francisco Half Marathon 2008 Completed

Even though it took me 4 minutes extra from 2005 Half Marathon but I'm happy with the results knowing the amount of practice put in. The complete results are available here.

It was really exciting to be running with 19,000+ runners. The spectators, volunteers, staff, cops and everybody else were excellent. It is definitely fun to run this course with the amount of energy and planning, most likely will run again next year as well. Here is a video shot of marathon start:

Even though I ran a half-marathon but my 5-year old and wife did their own by waking up 3am in the morning, driving me around and then picking me from the finish line. Check out some pictures at:

Now that's a total tally of 2 half & 2 full marathons for me:
Next one is Silicon Valley Half Marathon on Oct 26, 2008. And if you are a Sun employee and running Silicon Valley, we do have a corporate team and even a 10% discount on registration (even backdated ;-). Send me an email and I'll get you connected.

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Saturday Aug 02, 2008

Vote for Obama - at least my son wants me to!

This is not a political endorsement of any sort because I'm not affiliated with Democractic or Republican party, yet! However I had an interesting conversation with my 5-year old son about upcoming presidential elections. He'd like me to vote for Barack Obama because of the following 3 reasons:
  • Likes his face (and does not like McCain's)
  • Likes his name (and not McCain's)
  • Thinks he'll do the right thing for the country (because he looks like that)
Guess "Change We Can Believe In" is working :)

The conversation started because one of Obama supporters was handing out Obama button (complete range) outside the Expo Hall of San Francisco Marathon. I had gone there to pick up my shirt, bib etc. and then showed the button to my son this morning :)

A Google Fight shows Obama leading by a significant margin:

You can always make them fight here. Here are some other trends:

Tech Crunch interviewed the candidates in January 2008 which shows their position on technology related issues.

What websites are you using to monitor your favorite candidate ? :)

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Monday Jan 28, 2008

500 Blog Entries Old

This is 500th blog entry on this blog :)

Here is the tag cloud indicating the major topics covered so far:

And here is a geographic distribution of readers:

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Wednesday Jan 02, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

2007 is history. Even in 2008 a day is gone, and 2 days in some parts of the world. But better late than never, so this blog wishes everybody in the blogosphere a very happy new year!

Here are some of the statistics for this blog for the year 2007:

Site Usage


Page Views

There is a high likelihood of mismatch between the way Roller instance of and Google Analytics calculate pageviews (or may be the definition of "pageviews" is different). This blog typically averages from 4-6k hits/day for past 6 months as reported on the side bar of That would calculate to 1.27 million pageviews (5k hits/day ~ 6 months + 2k hits/day ~ 6 months) but Google Analytics report approx 1/4th of that number.

Top-25 sites

The statistics so far are generated using Google Analytics.

Geo Map of Visitors (still Miles to Go ... :)


Places visited by this blog

And a brief moment of excitement was when this blog showed up at the top rank on :)

Thanks to all the readers of this blog for a continually increased readership. Please feel free to suggest topics that you'd like to hear about.

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