Survivor Fiji Premieres Tonight

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CBS Survivor returns
tonight for 13th consecutive season in few minutes. Read some of the interesting
twists here,
highlights are:

  1. When the 19 contestants in ``Survivor: Fiji'' arrive on the island, they
    will be given the means to build the most elaborate camp in the history of
    the show. Then they'll find out that they will be split into two tribes, one
    of which gets to keep that camp and one of which must relocate with only a
    machete and a pot.
  2. The tribe that gets the posh digs may not get to keep them.
  3. There also will be changes with the immunity idol-Exile Island aspect of
    the game. This time, those sent off to Exile Island will find clues to where
    the idol is located -- back at their camps. That means there are two idols
    in play, and those looking for them will have to do so with the other
    survivors looking over their shoulders.

Good luck to the contestants!

Read more details about each one of them here.
It's little too early to pick my favorite since I've not read about them yet.
But there are 7 Californians out of total 19.

Ah, I'm looking forward to fun Thursday evenings for the next
few weeks. My son tries to outwit, outplay and outlast everybody while enjoying
the show with me. If you are Survivor addicts, then try taking
this quiz

It's interesting, how important community has become in anything
and everything on the web. Even Survivor
has a "community" link at the top :) Follow the community

  1. Survivor Fever
  2. Survivor Foxes
  3. Survivor Web
  4. Let me on Survivor - A
    campaign by Canadians to allow them on Survivor. Currently the show is
    restricted to US citizens only.

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  • MsTina06 Thursday, March 29, 2007
    Here is another website to add to the Survivor community.
    Survivor Wiki http://www.survivorwiki.cbs.com
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