Pictures & Video from Livestrong Challenge 2008

cellspacing="2"> style="width: 224px; height: 95px;" alt="" src="//cdn.app.compendium.com/uploads/user/e7c690e8-6ff9-102a-ac6d-e4aebca50425/f4a5b21d-66fa-4885-92bf-c4e81c06d916/Image/4c16f5324768493c4d37144395f660f8/livestrongchallenge_logo.gif"> Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) objective is to raise awareness about cancer and uniting people fighting against it. Livestrong Challenge is a 4-city bike/run/walk event to raise money for the same cause. This morning (Jul 13) was...

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Hiller "Vertical Challenge" Helicopter Show

Pictures from the Eighth Annual "Vertical Challenge" Helicopter Show at Hiller Aviation Museum. This was a great show educating public of how helicopters affect our daily lives from traffic and news reports to its unique life saving ability, to the National Defense of our Country. There was US Marines AH1-W Cobra, Otto The Clown Helicopter, Showcopters R22 and R44 amongst many others. Pictures are worth thousand words and so here are my pictures from the show earlier today: And...

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Cricket World Cup 2007 - India at Worst and Best

In the cricket world cup, India's defeat by Bangladesh on Friday was a shameful one. The team spirit, top/middle/bottom order, bowlers and the fielders - everybody performed terrible. And on top of that, Bangladesh really played very well. And as I said earlier, may the best team win - Bangladesh was indeed a superior team on that day. I'm happy for them! Although I was extremely disappointed by India's loss in their debut matchbut today, against Bermuda, was the other...

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2007 Cricket World Cup

Call it a fever, frenzy or craze but this once-in-4-year event completely changes India and it's people. Cricket is not just a game, it's a religion in India. The 2007 ICC World Cup was inaugurated over the weekend and matches are scheduled from Mar 13 to April 28, 2007. West Indies being the host who better than Sir Garry Sobers to declare the world cup open. The 16 participating countries (South Africa, Australia, NewZealand, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, England, West...

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Survivor Fiji Premieres Tonight

CBS Survivor returns tonight for 13th consecutive season in few minutes. Read some of the interesting twists here, highlights are:When the 19 contestants in ``Survivor: Fiji'' arrive on the island, they will be given the means to build the most elaborate camp in the history of the show. Then they'll find out that they will be split into two tribes, one of which gets to keep that camp and one of which must relocate with only a machete and a pot. The tribe that gets the posh...

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First skiing over the weekend

After getting postponed for past 3 weeks, we finally made our first skiing trip of the winter season to Boreal over the weekend. And the best part was that my son (4 yrs old) enjoyed his first encounter with the skis at their Kids Club. Riding up in elevators and going down on the slides are two of his favorite games and he could easily connect with ski lift and downhill skiing with them very well. Most of the lifts, Accelerator, Claimjumper, 49er, andSolaris were open....

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