Rails Conf 2009 Day 3 - Chris's Keynote

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An informal survey this morning at href="http://en.oreilly.com/rails2009/">Rails Conf 2009
keynote showed:

40% Rails developers in startup

30% Rails developers in consulting

30% Rails developers work in internal projects

Engine Yard got a sponsor keynote slot and announced Flex - a cloud
computing platform on EC2 to host Rails applications. They also showed
one-button self-healing clusters. One of the speakers was particularly
scared (reminds me of my early days) and href="irc://irc.freenode.net/railsconf">IRC#railsconf
had a pool of $125 to hug him on the stage :) Anyway, read more href="http://www.engineyard.com/blog/2009/engine-yard-flex-announced-new-features-added-to-solo/">details

The highlight of the morning was keynote by href="http://ozmm.org/">Chris Wanstrath ( href="http://twitter.com/defunkt">@defunkt). I
took multiple notes during the keynote but the  href="https://gist.github.com/0a2655aed6a26fa15a02">transcript
all the details. The first part of the talk has good tips on how to
create a successful blog such as blog personality, template, killer
name and a sleek design, sparse side bar, consistency and structure,
and many others.

There was a good bashing of SourceForge towards 60% in the talk. Chris
gave a suggestion to SourceForge:

They should cut their
registration process down to a single page, remove the 200 character
"please host my project" plea, be more lenient on the categorization,
suggest an open source license for you, then allow you to change any of
these things after your project has been created.

And there are other interesting ones too. Read the href="https://gist.github.com/0a2655aed6a26fa15a02">full text
and enjoy!

Here were some of the Q&As at the end of keynote ...

Q. What was your inspiration for github ?

A. Inspiration is coding, doing open source software all the time,
downloading patches, relative paths were getitng in the way to coding.
Source forge registration page is too long. github is very simple for
anything code related that you want to put there.

Q. You develop these interesting pieces of software, have a job, play
create pieces of music, drum music, how you do this in one lifetime ?

A. I outsource most of it. All of us do it, I post my music and code on
the Internet, watch a lot of TV. I'm into sharing on github. Don't have
a better work ethic, just talk a lot.

Q. What do you watch on the TV  ?

A. Legend of the secret

Q. Built a bunch of tools used by non-Rubyists, how can we promote Ruby
there ?

A. RubyGems is one reason I fell in love with Ruby. Remove the friction
and lower the barrier to entry.

Q. Focus github around the code/community, it helps around the people,
opposite of Source Forge/Ruby Forge

A. Github is like facebook for code development.

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