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If your university is not participating in the href="http://developers.sun.com/students/campus_ambassadors.jsp">Sun
Campus Ambassador program, you can always create an href="http://osum.sun.com/">Open Source University Meetup
(OSUM, pronounced "awesome") community. Sun Microsystems offers you the
complete range of Open Source software - href="http://opensolaris.org/">OpenSolaris, href="http://openoffice.org/">OpenOffice, href="http://netbeans.org/">NetBeans, href="http://glassfish.org/">GlassFish, href="http://mysql.org/">MySQL, and href="http://www.sun.com/software/opensource/">many others.

OSUM provides an opportunity to create a student club and:

    \* LEARN about Open Source Technologies
and how they are opening up new career opportunities for students

\* ACCESS free online web courses, webinars, tutorials and other
resources to prepare for career enhancing certifications

    \* SHARE your technical knowledge with
other students around the world virtually and on campus

    \* COLLABORATE with a global community of
students via forum, campus events, webinars, etc.

    \* CONNECT and make friends with students
around the world who are committed to Open Source just like you!

Create your OSUM today
and join over 900 student clubs from over 80 countries!

If you are interested in talking about GlassFish, href="http://spotlight.dev.java.net/start">spotlight.dev.java.net/start
provides a comprehensive set of slides (with speaker notes), demos,
screencasts, training materials and other resources to get you started!

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  • Arun Gupta's Blog Wednesday, January 28, 2009
    [Trackback] As reported earlier, Alan Vargas, the Sun Campus Ambassador at CEUI (Centro Universitario de Ixltahuaca) presented on GlassFish. The message of "GlassFish v2 - Fast, Easy, and Reliable" and "GlassFish v3 - Modular, Embeddable, and Extensible" was clear...
  • Arun Gupta's Blog Thursday, January 29, 2009
    [Trackback] Are you a student and would like to learn why GlassFish is meant for you ? Create/join a student community at osum.sun.com and attend the GlassFish Webinar. This webinar will introduce GlassFish application server, show multiple demos that can...
  • sinema izle Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    thank you..

  • guest Sunday, June 9, 2013

    have information about where are the data and documents had to be site http://osum.sun.com/

    thank you very much in advance

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