OSGi Application Development using GlassFish Server - New Whitepaper

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You've seen tons of material related to GlassFish + OSGi on this blog. Most of the material was originally published on Sahoo's blog. Now Sahoo has published a new white paper "OSGi Application Development using GlassFish Server" providing a single place the details about GlassFish and OSGi. Specifically it covers the following topics:

  • OSGi Applications running in GlassFish Server
  • Hybrid (Java EE-enabled OSGi ) application bundles
  • Modular web applications
  • Building enterprise quality OSGi service using EJB technology
  • Shared/Standalone Persistence Unit
  • Injection of OSGi Services in Java EE applications using CDI
  • Consuming Java EE Services from OSGi applications

Download the 29-pages long PDF whitepaper now!

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  • guest Thursday, June 6, 2013

    If I were you, consider fixing some of your broken links all over the place.

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