Mid West Java Tech Days 2007 - Chicago Trip Report

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Mid West Java Tech Days

concluded in Chicago yesterday.

With approximately 160 participants, the conference attendees were slightly

larger in number than the

Minneapolis Tech Days.

The interaction with the audience was also good. The day started with Tim

Bray's key note and it was a

repeat of Minneapolis

I delivered two talks (same as in Minneapolis)- "Metro: Web services

interoperability with Microsoft .NET" and  "jMaki: Framework for

Ajax-enabled Web 2.0 apps". Here are the questions (with answers) that were

asked during the presentation:

Metro: Web services

interoperability with Microsoft .NET

  • Are slides available ?

    Yes, very well. They are available

    . A link to the demos shown in the talk is available at:


  • Can Metro apps be deployed on JBoss ?

    JBoss WS 2.1.0 will support Metro. Read more details


  • .NET 2.0  ?

    Metro provides interoperability with .NET 3.0. We have not tested

    explicitly with .NET 2.0 however it would be nice if you can test and

    let us know.

  • Can the WAR created by NetBeans be deployed on other containers ?

    Yes, NetBeans IDE allows to configure Tomcat as a container. After

    Tomcat is Metro-enabled, using the script bundled with the standalone

    build of Metro (downloadable from

    ), a Metro WAR can be easily deployed on

    Tomcat directly from within the NetBeans IDE. All the Metro features,

    except Transactional Web services will work on Tomcat.

jMaki: Framework for Ajax-enabled

Web 2.0 apps

  • Are slides available ?

    Yes, very well. They are available

    . A link to the demos shown in the talk is available at:


  • Can jMaki be integrated with other MVC controllers such as Spring


    Currently jMaki integrates very well with

    Rails. Support for other MVC

    frameworks can be added by community participation.

    Let us know

    if you are interested.

  • Are jMaki widgets available as part of standard plugin ?

    Yes, jMaki plugin for

    NetBeans and

    Eclipse comes

    with all the palettes and widgets that are available.

  • Can the jMaki WAR be deployed on any container ?

    The only requirement for jMaki for Java is Servlet 2.4 and JSP 1.2. If

    you are using JSF then JSF 1.1 support is required as well.

  • Can a jMaki WAR be hosted on a public site ?

    Yes, The ISP need to have WAR hosting capabilities. If the WAR needs to

    access external services, then the ISP may also need to allow that


  • Can I use it in production ?

    jMaki is ready for production. jmaki.com is using jMaki on PHP.

    Let us know

    if we can help you in any manner.

Here is the picture album:

And I met one my avid blog readers - Roman Kuzmik. He was pretty excited

to meet me and it's great to hear you like the content produced on this blog


Next stop

Silicon Valley Code Camp (Nov 27-28).

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