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Updated properties available here.


We are providing this information to help with development and debugging. 
These properties should not be used in deployments.

WSIT Pipeline
exposes multiple system properties to enable SOAP message logging using
Each property, if it's value is set to true, injects a DumpPipe before or after
a WSIT component pipe in the pipeline. This allows the developer to monitor
message dumps at several points through out the pipeline, for example before and
after encryption.

The legend that derives the property names is given below. A detailed list of
property names and their injection points are given in the table further below.
Example usages of these properties is given at the end.


  1. com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client prefix indicates client-side
  2. com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server prefix indicates server-side
  3. .after suffix indicates after (before) on client outbound
    (inbound) and server inbound (outbound).
  4. .before suffix indicates before (after) on client outbound
    (inbound) and server inbound (outbound). 

Table 1: List of property names and injection points

Property NameLocation
Client-side Properties
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.clientRight before (after) the message is sent
(received) on client outbound
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.transportRight before (after) Transport pipe on client outbound
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wss.afterRight after (before) SecurityPipe on client outbound
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wss.beforeRight before (after) SecurityPipe on client outbound
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wsa.afterRight after (before) WsaPipe on client outbound (inbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wsa.beforeRight before (after) WsaPipe on client outbound (inbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wsrm.afterRight after (before) RMPipe on client outbound (inbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wsrm.beforeRight before (after) RMPipe on client outbound (inbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wstx.afterRight after (before) TxPipe on client outbound (inbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wstx.beforeRight before (after) TxPipe on client outbound (inbound)
Server-side Properties
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.serverRight after (before) the message is received
(sent) on server inbound (outbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.transportRight after (before) Transport pipe on server inbound
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wss.beforeRight before (after) SecurityPipe on server inbound
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wss.afterRight after (before) SecurityPipe on server inbound
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wsa.beforeRight before (after) WsaPipe on server inbound (outbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wsa.afterRight after (before) WsaPipe on server inbound (outbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wsmex.beforeRight before (after) MexPipe on server inbound (outbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wsmex.afterRight after (before) MexPipe on server inbound (outbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wsrm.beforeRight before (after) RMPipe on server inbound (outbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wsrm.afterRight after (before) RMPipe on server inbound (outbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wstx.beforeRight before (after) TxPipe on server inbound (outbound)
com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.wstx.afterRight after (before) TxPipe on server inbound (outbound)


  1. If a message dump is required before and after the message is processed by
    WS-A pipe on the client outbound, then the following properties need to be

    -Dcom.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wsa.before=true and-Dcom.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.wsa.after=true
  2. If a message dump is required before the message is sent and after it is
    received on the client, then the following property need to be set:

  3. If all messages received by the RM pipe on server-side needs to be
    captured, then the following property need to be set:



  1. com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client and com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.client.transport
    produce identical message dumps but allows an extensibility point if any
    other processing is required after the Transport pipe. This is valid for com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server
    and com.sun.xml.ws.runtime.server.transport.

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