JFokus 2011 Day 1 + Vaadin Meetup 2011 Trip Report

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JFokus 2011 kick started yesterday with 400 attendees braving -20oC (coldest place I've ever been to) at Stockholm Waterfront Congress. The mantra of this fifth annual conference this year is Information, Innovation, Inspiration. I have my own interpretation of this manta but will talk to the JFokus team tomorrow and post the intended meaning instead.

The tutorial day covered Seam3, Git, Phonegap, Java EE 6, and others that truly fit the mantra. I gave a tutorial on "Understanding Nuts & Bolts of Java EE 6" explaining the key benefits of Java EE 6: light-weight, extensibility, and ease-of-use. It covered the key technologies of Java EE 6 such as CDI, JSF2, Servlets, EJB 3.1, and Bean Validation and showed several demos using NetBeans and GlassFish. There were about 100+ attendees in the room and seems like everybody came after the talk, so that was a good sign. The slides (127 slides + 10 demos) are now available:

Several slides have a URL at the bottom which provide a much more detailed explanation of the feature, feel free to scroll through the slides and check out some of the URLs.  The screencast #36 explains Java EE 6/Eclipse tooling and screencast #37 explains the same tooling using NetBeans. The code built during the tutorial can be downloaded here.

It was heartening to know that attendees "liked the mix of slides + demos" and the "perfect pace". Here is some other feedback:

@sjonsson: Attended a good session on Java EE 6 by @arungupta at #jfokus. Key benefits of JEE6 APIs covered, plus decent amount of plugging @glassfish
@reginatb38: Listening to Arun Gupta #JFokus great talk about #jee6. Thanks for mentioning #jduchess
@tommysdk: #jfokus I really like the ability to completely replace web.xml with annotations when working with Servlets 3.0 in Java EE 6
@reynirhubner: @arungupta gave a great lecture today on j2ee6 - wish I had #glassfish installed right now so I could try out the things I've learned today
@tommysdk: Cool to see CDI as part of #JavaEE6, recognized concepts from Seam. Great presentation by @arungupta today @ #Jfokus. And thx 4 the t-shirt!

I particularly liked one of the comments from the audience (paraphrasing) "With all these innovations in Java EE 6, Spring is really unncessary now" ... indeed so! One of the tweet captured that sentiment pretty well:

And this is the constant feedback that I'm seeing every where Java EE 6 is presented. What do you think ? :-)

Here are some pictures from the JFokus Day 1 morning:

After the tutorial, it was a quick 45-mins flight to Turku (in Finland) to participate in Vaadin Developer Meetup on a cruise line. I talked about the benefits of building an "OSGi-enabled Java EE applications on GlassFish" and the slides are available now:

Several GlassFish + OSGi demos are available at osgi+totd and otherwise GlassFish OSGi Dashboard provides the latest status.

Also had one of the most exotic early dinners at an excellent Viking-style restaurant, Harald, and the meal had reindeer (not Rudolph!), red deer, and other stuff served in a hand-made Viking sword. Definitely one of the most exotic meals I've had in the recent past ;-) Another interesting aspect of this visit is that the outside temperature was -4F or -20C and even the locals were feeling cold.

In the meetup, Joonas talked about how a 200k LoC for a healthcare project maintenance nightmare served as the inspiration for starting Vaadin. The original name was "User Interface Automata", then changed to "IT Mill Toolkit" and finally took the name "Vaadin" in 2009. The first commit to IT Mill Toolkit was made on Feb 13, 2001 and so the meetup also celebrated 10 y, 1d, 12h anniversary. And we even had cake and sparkling wine to celebrate!

Joonas also announced the new Vaadin Pro Account which consists of three components:

  • Bunch of add-ons (TestBench, JPAContainer, TouchKit, Calendar, Timeline)
  • Control (remote control to the Vaadin team by raising the priority of a bug-fix, feature voting, custom builds, security alerts)
  • Support (hotline to Vaadin team + knowledge base)

Their goal going forward is "faster, easier, cheaper"!

The word "vaadin" is the Finnish word for female reindeer.  And the logo is interesting: "}" is an indication of Java curly braces, ">" indicates HTML pointy tags, and if you turn it clockwise then its the head of reindeer. I really like their fancy logo and have not played with the framework yet but generally heard good comments.

The tagline for Vaadin, "thinking of U and I", is all the more meaningful on this Valentine Day, especially away from family :(

Finally, get a feel for what it means to be cruising in the middle of snowy Baltic:

Check out some pictures from the meetup ...

On the fun side, some interesting facts reported about Stockholm by a local TV channel in the hotel (onStockholm):

  1. Average household size in Sweden is 2.1, average house hold size in Sweden is the smallest.
  2. Sweden has the highest rate of female college graduates in the world.
  3. Sweden has the highest literacy rate in the world.
  4. Gastronomy is a national passtime, 300 foodbooks published annually, cookbooks per capita is the most in the world.
  5. According to a reasearch, 63% of Swedes are likely to buy a cookbook.
  6. Longest underground art exhibition, over 100km.
  7. Highest rate of female parlimentarians in the world (43%), most politically equal democracy in the world.
  8. Has most multinational companies than any other country in the world.
  9. Swedes are the most unmarried people in the world.

And here is the evolving photo album:

Overall, Day 1 of JFokus was exciting with exotic meal, freaking cold weather, traveling on a train/airplane/cruise ship in the same day, and giving two talks :-)

On to Day 2 ...

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