JavaOne 2011 Slides, Demos, Replays, Hands-on Lab Instructions

JavaOne 2011 is over and it feels much more comfortable to fall back on the
normal pace as opposed to tempo running for the days leading up to the
conference.  About 160 presentations were recorded and 3 presentations will be
released per week on the
parleys.com JavaOne 2011 channel
by GlassFish
) with a first batch of 20 already available. Here are some
links for you to check video replays and download slides (including hands-on lab

Java EE and GlassFish slides presented at the

GlassFish Community Event
are also available below:


Java EE / GlassFish Strategy and Roadmap slides are next:

We had an excellent set of stories presented by several customers on how they
are using GlassFish and what they love about it. These will be shared at
blogs.oracle.com/stories soon.

Check out more pictures and tweet-feedback on the community event


The slides, instructions, and replays of my different sessions at JavaOne

The complete Technical Keynote replay is available
here. The Java EE part starts at 1:01:23 and

Java EE PaaS using GlassFish 4.0
demo starts at 1:09:03. A more detailed
video of the demo is shown below:

OTN recorded a brief interview on Java EE and GlassFish and that is available as well:

Stephen Chin and I gave a talk on
"XML-Free Programming : Java Server and Client Development without <>".This talk is
already available in the first batch at
parleys.com and is shown below (with audio + video):

Click on the "Attachments" tab on the bottom-right in parleys.com
player to download the slides.

Byron Nevins

and I gave a lab on "Develop, Deploy, and Monitor a Java EE 6

Application using GlassFish 3.1 Cluster". The packed room with approx 90

attendees learned:

  • Walk through and deploy a typical Java EE 6

    application using NetBeans and GlassFish.

  • Create a two-instance GlassFish cluster and front

    end with a Web server and a load balancer.

  • Demonstrate session replication when one of the

    instances fails.

  • Use the extensible monitoring infrastructure to

    generate application-specific monitoring data.

Some folks were able to complete the lab in about 1:15 minutes by just
following the instructions so that gave a good feeling. The proctors in the labs
were very effective and helpful. The complete


source code
are available and you can try it yourself as well.


In the Community Keynote, I had the privilege of introducing
Vinicius Senger for his
Duke's Choice Award
for jHome - a complete home
automation open-source platform built using Java EE 6 and GlassFish (more
details on this in a blog later). In the meanwhile, check out a short interview
with OTN:

I also moderated a "CDI: Today and Tomorrow" with star speakers like Pete
Muir (Red Hat), Reza Rehman (Caucho), David Blevins (Apache), and Sivakumar
Thyagarajan (Oracle). More notes on this coming in a later blog as well.

And it was definitely fun to meet @maltron, @fabianenardon, @stephan007, @pbakker, @BertErtman, @johnyeary, @vanriper,
@steveonjava, @javaclimber, @laurelatoreilly, @chuggid, @johanvos, @adambien, @headius,
@ekabanov, @javapassion, @IanSkerrett, @brjavaman, @joonaslehtinen, @stevengharris,
@SachaLabourey, @myfear, @lucasjellama, @fabiovelloso, @javarebel, @jduchess, @NickSieger,
@tom_enebo, @maxkatz, @karianna, @bonbhel, @vsenger, @yarasenger, @jelastic, @jjviana,
@nmcl, @jeromepetit, @oriannetisseuil, @trevorreznik, @fabiovelloso, @frankgreco,
@mikelevin, @wernerkeil, @plmuir, @alrubinger, @aslakknustsen, @mojavelinux, @shaunabrams,
@dblevins, @lincolnthree, @caniszczyk,
@grzegorzduda, @metadaddy, @stevewinkler, and several others. A more visual
representation of this coming soon as well!

Now I'm 13 JavaOnes old ... how many have you attended ? :-)

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