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A new sample is added to WSIT samples that shows an enterprise Web service
enabling integration both within and across boundaries. This sample demonstrates
a price quotation service that provides list price to clients based on the
product identifiers. The client makes a request to a Retail Quote Service (RQS) 
which then communicates with multiple Wholesale Quote Service (WQS) to get the
best price and returns that to the client. In the first version of this sample,
the client and all the service endpoints (RQS + 2 WQS) are built and deployed
using WSIT. A later version of the sample will replace one of the WQS to be
built and deployed using Windows Communication
(WCF) and also have a WCF client, in addition to WSIT client,
invoking the RQS.

The sample demonstrates secure reliable communication between RQS and two WQS.
It also demonstrates secure MTOM between the client and RQS. A picture is worth
a thousand pictures and so this graphical
should help visualize.

This sample was demonstrated in JavaOne
2006 keynote
and used as the basis of my JavaOne 2006 technical
session (TS-5540)
. In case, you need more technical details, the StarOffice
version of slide
has speaker notes and animation.

Instructions to check out the sample

This sample can be checked out using the instructions given here.
These instructions will retrieve WSIT sources along with the sample sources as
both are required to build, run and deploy the sample. The sample exists in wsit/wsit/samples/pricequote
directory. Once checked out, follow the instructions in readme.html in the pricequote
directory to build and deploy the sample on GlassFish.

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