JavaGruppen's Fifth Annual Arskonference 2011 - Trip Report

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Børkop is a small town (about 100 km2 and low five-figure population) in the southeast part of Denmark. There are many more smaller towns but this is probably the smallest town to host a technology conference. There were about 30 attendees so that gave a good chance to have some 1-1 discussions. And the airport for this town is Billund which is the headquarter for the fift largest toy manufacturers in the world - LEGO. Do you know of any other smaller towns hosting a conference ? :-)

Anyway, Javagruppen is the annual conference of Danish JUG and its fifth edition was held in Børkop during last couple of days. And the theme was "Java, A cloudy affair". There were talks on Java EE 6, jClouds, Arquillian, GridGain, Spring, Azure and several others. It was nice meeting Aslak Knutsen (Arquillian), Adrian Cole (jClouds), and David Chou (Azure). I gave some suggestions to Adrian and David (Java wishlist for Windows Azure) about simplifing Java development in their environments and hopefully it should get better. The speaker dinner gave the opportunity to engage with the board members and many thanks to Soren for picking me from the airport.

I gave a presentation on "Running your Java EE 6 Applications in the Cloud". Fortunately the previous presenter finished early so I got a few extra minutes of talking about Java EE 6 simplicity and ease-of-use. There were cheers for GlassFish web-based administration console using RESTful APIs for all of administration, management, and monitoring - parphrasing "that's how an application server should be in order to run in the cloud". NetBeans deploy-on-save and session preservation features were well appreciated, as always! Anyway, screencast #37 shows complete Java EE 6 development using NetBeans and screencast #36 do the same for Eclipse. The talk explained how a simple Java EE 6 application can be easily deployed on Amazon, Rightscale, Azure, and Joyent clouds. And also shared thoughts on how Java EE 7 is going to evolve to support the PaaS paradigm.

Check out the slides:

I also clarified on a lunch discussion that JBoss 6 is Web Profile compliant only, is not even a commercially supported product at this time with no timelines. Use this matrix to help you decide the Java EE 6 deployment platform. With GlasFish 3.1 coming out later this month, the choice is going to be obvious!

UPDATE: Some feedback received afterwards:

Super cool presenter - very inspiring and of course a superb technician. Would enjoy to hear Arun on other Java EE / GF subjects too!

Probably won't use neither NetBeans nor Glassfish in the future but seeing the technologies in action was interesting none the less. The speaker was obviously highly intelligent and very good at his job. Enjoyed the presentation.

Here are some pictures from the event:

The hotel venue, Comwell Kellers Park, was located in Denmark country side and shorelined the bay of North Sea in Vejle Ford. The hotel had several spas with varying range of temperatures. There was a cold water spa inside and a hot tub outside looking at the bay. And then there was sauna, spa for the feet, and couple of other spas as well. The fitness center had a nice view of the bay as well. This is winter season here so it was really cold, for me at least. Looking at the amount of trees surrounding this neighborhood, I can only imagine the lush green in spring. However I managed to get couple of good runs around the neighborhood.

I also managed to recruit a jduchess member :-) If you are a women working in Java technology, then consider joining as well! They'll be having a breakfast at JFokus, its sold out but you can still meet them afterwards.

Check out the complete set of pictures:

Next stop, JFokus and Vaadin Meetup. The snowstorm in Stockholm has now settled and so looking forward to see some beautiful sights!

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Ole Vedel Villumsen Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Tak for referat og mange fine billeder!

    Børkop, Nordsøen? Bare inden nogen bliver geografisk forvirret, Comwell Kellers Park ligger ved Vejle Fjord, som munder ud i det sydvestligste Kattegat. Der er over 100 km fra Kellers Park til Nordsøen.

    V.h. Ole

  • Arun Gupta Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Google translated the above text to:

    -- cut here --

    Thanks for the report and many fine pictures!

    EG, the North Sea? Just before someone gets geographic confused Comwell Kellers Park is located on Vejle Fjord, culminating in the southwestern Kattegat. There are over 100 miles from Keller's Park to the North Sea.

    V.h. Ole

    -- cut here --

    Per Google Maps Vejle Ford is a bay of North Sea:


    And that's what made me say it. Do you think that's incorrect ?

  • Ole Vedel Villumsen Sunday, February 13, 2011

    I don't believe any local would read the map the way you do. The land on which Børkop and Kellers Park lie is called Jutland (Jylland in Danish), it's a peninsula. To the west of Jutland is the North Sea, as Google Maps show. The North Sea is connected to Skagerak on the NW side of Jutland. Skagerak in turn is connected to Kattegat on the east of Jutland. Skagerak and Kattegat are considered seas, not a bay. Kattegat in turn is, as I said, is connected to Vejle Fjord. Wikipedia defines a fjord as a long and narrow inlet, maybe it could be called a bay, I don't know. I hope this answers your question.

  • Arun Gupta Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Thanks for the geography lesson, updated the blog entry! :-)

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