Java EE 6 workshop delivered at Umeå JUG

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What's common between href="https://blogs.oracle.com/arungupta/entry/java_ee_6_pulled_crowd">Austin
(Texas), href="https://blogs.oracle.com/arungupta/entry/java_ee_6_netbeans_and">Reykjavik
(Iceland), href="https://blogs.oracle.com/arungupta/entry/jfokus_2012_trip_report">Stockholm
(Sweden), and Umeå (Sweden) ?
  • They all had a Java EE 6 workshop in the past 2.5 weeks

  • All of them had fairly higher attendance than normal/expected

  • Every where the attendees stayed much longer than originally
  • The simplicity and power of awesome threesome of Java EE 6,
    NetBeans, and GlassFish was very well appreciated by the

The recently concluded workshop at href="http://umejug.blogspot.com/">Umeå JUG proved yet
again how Java EE 6 can easily attract audience. And now that
WebLogic and GlassFish are Java EE 6 compatible, there is a href="http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaee/overview/compatibility-jsp-136984.html">wide
variety of containers available to deploy your applications.

This JUG, part of Javaforum Sweden, is the second most northern
JUG (Reykjavik is the northern most by about 150 km) in a small
university town of about 115,000. The constant sub-zero
temperature and tons of snow during my stay made the cross-country
an interesting first time experience. Running outside in the cold
was harder than I originally thought as the cheeks were getting
cold and making it difficult to talk. Thank you Jonas for teaching
me the basic skills and sharing your href="https://picasaweb.google.com/101195212405190467512/NordicsFeb2012#5711657208861150498">spiked
running shoes. Quite an enjoyable experience over all!

The interactive attendees learned all about:

  • Improvements in Java Persistence API 2

  • "web.xml"-free and annotation-driven Servlets
  • Simplified packaging of EJBs in a WAR file, no-interface and
    single file definition of EJB

  • Session preservation across redeploys
  • Facelets (XHTML/CSS) as templating language for JavaServer
    Faes to achieve true MVC
  • Integration of Bean Validation with JPA and JSF

  • Typesafe dependency injection and Producer/Observer of events
    using CDI
  • RESTful resources using JAX-RS

The hands-on lab document is href="//cdn.app.compendium.com/uploads/user/e7c690e8-6ff9-102a-ac6d-e4aebca50425/f4a5b21d-66fa-4885-92bf-c4e81c06d916/File/a69da0a353108f4f2ce7553cec93ee66/javaee6_hol_feb2012.pdf">available
here and the href="//cdn.app.compendium.com/uploads/user/e7c690e8-6ff9-102a-ac6d-e4aebca50425/f4a5b21d-66fa-4885-92bf-c4e81c06d916/File/96a73094a34364e78d6185835b920f43/javaee6sampleapp_nov2011.zip">complete
application here.

Here is a picture with Jonas and href="https://twitter.com/#%21/msallstr/">Mattias - the JUG
leaders. Their mission is to learn and spread knowledge about Java
in Umeå by bringing in speakers from all around the world. A
local tech publication (href="http://www.infotechumea.se/eftertraktad-java-evangelist-pa-besok-i-umea">InfoTech
Umeå) also talked about the workshop. Here is a
picture from the href="http://www.infotechumea.se/eftertraktad-java-evangelist-pa-besok-i-umea">article:

href="http://www.infotechumea.se/eftertraktad-java-evangelist-pa-besok-i-umea">title="Jonas, Arun, Mattias at Umeå JUG" alt="Jonas, Arun,
Mattias at Umeå JUG"
style="border: 0px solid; border: 0px solid; width: 577px;
height: 270px;">

(Image Credits: href="http://www.infotechumea.se/eftertraktad-java-evangelist-pa-besok-i-umea">InfoTech

And some more pictures from the visit ...





The complete photo album is available at (pictures are from href="https://blogs.oracle.com/arungupta/entry/java_ee_6_netbeans_and">trip
to JUGICE and href="https://blogs.oracle.com/arungupta/entry/jfokus_2012_trip_report">Jfokus) 

height="192" width="288">

Next stop 33rd Degree and href="http://www.codemotion.it/">Codemotion ...

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