GlassFish and MySQL Student Contest - Winners announced

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and MySQL student contest winners are href="http://blogs.sun.com/students/entry/mysql_and_glassfish_student_reviews">announced!

Kolli Bharath from href="http://www.daiict.ac.in/daiict/index.html">Dhirubhai
Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology,
India (review,
and Tomas Augusto
, Universidade
de Santa Cruz do Sul
, Brazil ( href="http://tomasmuller.com.br/2008/10/21/powering-what-you-dont-see-with-glassfish-and-mysql/">review,
won the grand prize of $500 each. There are href="http://blogs.sun.com/students/entry/mysql_and_glassfish_student_reviews">7
second prize winners of $250 each.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Meet some of the contest participants href="http://blogs.sun.com/students/entry/mysql_and_glassfish_reviews_continued">here,
and href="http://blogs.sun.com/students/entry/let_the_students_guide_you">here.

There were lots of great entries and picking one was a tough decision.
But luckily the process was simple and clearly defined for all the
judges. Each submission was assigned numbers between 1-100 in
8 pre-defined criteria and then a winner was picked. Now, don't ask us
about the total marks for each entry or the winning margin ;)

Thanks to all the judges for reviewing the entries!

Here are some guidelines I followed during the review:
  • I looked at the blog and project website, how do I get
    started ?
  • Is the project site well structured, with links to code,
    docs, etc ?
  • Is there an installation/user manual ?
  • Is the application a stereotype
  • Is testing (unit, integration, stress, reliability,
    performance and others) integral part of the project ?
  • Is it a simple JSP/Servlet application or any creative use
    of GlassFish ? For example, is the participant using Web services,
    Grizzly Comet, Rails, Grails, Admin console, Monitoring or any such
  • Any usability or functionality bugs filed during project
    development ?
  • How useful is the application in context ?
  • Any NetBeans- or Eclipse-GlassFish integration features
    used ?

So if you plan to participate in any contest in the future, keep these
points in mind :)

If you are interested in advertising your contest entry on this blog,
leave a comment on this blog!

Watch out blogs.sun.com/students
for upcoming contests.

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