JavaOne 2007 - Day 1

John Gage kick started JavaOne 2007 this morning. He really explained the essence of JavaOne in 3 words "Don't be shy". Over the next 81 (now 79 hours), there is an ocean of information available in terms of General Sessions, Technical Sessions, Birds-of-Feather, Pavilion, lunch table discussions and many other opportunities to socialize and build the community. He asked every one to behave as a Brazilian for next 81 hours, to go out and embrace everybody.

New York Times quote about JavaOne this morning says "Internet connected multifunction devices". John said this is the foundation of why you are here.

There was the usual drill of making all the attendees stand up and making them sit by decreasing number years they've attended. This is my 9th year, and it has been a fun journey so far!

Last year John said we'll make this year carbon-neutral. But it turned out to be challenging to measure each water use, elevator use, mileage of the truck, energy sources of the food we used etc, gas consumed by the flights taken by each attendee and many other details. This is a challenge to the developer community on how to measure all energy inputs & outputs.

John then invited Rich Green, Executive Vice President, Software, Sun Microsystems.

All through out, Rich's talk was focused on community and how it opens the possibilities to change the world. According to him "Community is a fundamental human property and Communication is a vehicle to build community". This is so true. And going open source, communication is all the more important. And Eduardo mentioned yesterday at the GlassFish Day, that going open has helped in better communication within Sun.

Current state of Java platform is well reflected in these statistics:

6 M developers
5.5 B devices
2.5 M GlassFish
800M desktops
1.8B phones
11M televisions.

And it's accelerating with a faster pace.

The focus was then shifted to Java on the server-side. This was remarkable year for GlassFish, Java on server is stronger than ever. And Rich reiterated GlassFish V2 is the community, reference, source code - all in one.

NetBeans 6 unlocks the potential of developers, not just Java but JRuby and JavaScript. There is enormous momentum over NetBeans, with 92% growth year-over-year.

Here are some interesting problems and solutions using Java discussed during the keynote:

  • Anna Wing, CIO of NASDAQ shared that NASDAQ processes 150,378 transactions per second (tps), 400 million tps/day, their system running on Java is considered the fastest in industry. They are working on the next generation of their platform using Real-Time Java to make this happen because of improved memory management, ease of migration and ability to react to unexpected events with predictability.
  • Dr Djibril Diallo, Director of UN for Sport for Development and Peace invited a team of 2 people from 192 countries with support from Sun. He posed a challenge to connect all these people using different languages, different devices, different culture and varied backgrounds. Jonathan mentioned that following Doctors Without Borders, Sun is going to be working with UN to have "Engineers Without Borders". This is going to make simple connection between technical, business and economic leaders to make this happen.
  • Marco Boerries's, Senior Vice President of Yahoo, goal is to connect 500 million users on the PC to the mobile device. They are using Java for creating this solution because that is the "obvious choice".

Here are the key new announcements made this morning:

  • OpenJDK is here! - Rich sent an email announcing the completion of open sourcing Java.
  • JavaFX - a new family of products, technologies, tools & forth coming open source programs focused on consumer devices. James Gosling explained this as a way to drive Swing and Graphics 2D in Java SE. Jonathan highlighted how this is an unplanned innovation when Chris Oliver invented it by himself. An addition to Sun's punchline "The Network is The Computer" is "The Network in Your Hand".
  • Sun Java System Communications Application Server - Ericsson and Sun to jointly develop an open source, Java technology-based communications application server as part of the GlassFish community.
  • Real-Time Java 2.0

It was a pleasure to see Scott McNealy, Chairman and Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems, Chairman, Sun Federal. In his characteristic style, he congratulated Rich on completing one year at Sun and then called him as "Short-sleeve version of Steve Jobs". He talked about, derived from Curriculum + Wikipedia. It follows "No Parent Teacher Child held back" to complement "No Child Left Behind". Go to the website, register, evangelize and donate to help foster the community.

Get Involved, Contribute, Innovate!

And have a happy JavaOne!

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