Java One 2010 Brazil Day 2 Trip Report - Pics & Slides

JavaOne Latin America 2010 (Day 1 and 0) started in an exciting way where I found a nice multi-instance cluster installation of GlassFish. More on that later but enjoyed meeting colleagues from different groups within Oracle.

I gave a presentation on "Whats New in Enterprise Java Beans 3.1" and the slides are available:

The attendees seem to like simplified packaging (EJB-in-a-WAR and deployment descriptor-free), no-interface bean, cron-like syntax, and other features were well appreciated by the users. All other sessions were going pretty packed as well to the extent that some of the sessions are having a re-run today and some of today's sessions have moved to a much bigger hall. Make sure to note the changes.

After that, Alexandra and I presented at a MySQL Community Event on how Java EE 6, GlassFish, NetBeans, and MySQL present an ideal open-source stack for building Web applications very easily, the slides are available:

Vinicius Senger from GlobalCode arranged an impromptu discussion on Java-based Web Frameworks at end of the day. There were representations from Java EE 6, Wicket, GWT, VRaptor,  Spring MVC, ADF, and Demoiselles. It was a lively discussion where each framework was talking about the pros/cons of different frameworks and the community was asking questions. CDI got good appreciation from different folks and it indeed is one of the most powerful technologies introduced in the Java EE 6 platform.

Matt Raibles "Comparing JVM Web Frameworks" presentation was discussed as well. The consensus was that the chosen frameworks are not an apple-to-apple comparison. For example, while Rails and Grails are complete stack, JSF2, Wicket, and Vaadin are presentation layers only. I gave the same feedback to him at Rich Web Experience as well so hopefully the matrix will be updated appropriately.

Also found some great deployments of GlassFish in this part of the world. We are looking for partners (System Integrators, Independent Software Vendors/Developers, Consultants, Training Partners) who can help us spread the message of GlassFish in South America. Drop a comment on this blog if you are interested.

For tomorrow, there are couple of changes to the list of Java EE 6 & GlassFish sessions ...
  • "S320003 - Servlet 3.0 Extensible, Asynchronous and Easy to Use" moved from its original slot of (4:15 - 5pm) to (4pm - 4:45pm) and the location changes from Auditorio 1 to the Keynote Hall (on the ground floor).
  • "S313189 - Complete Tools Coverage for the Java EE 6 Platform" moved from Auditorio 1 to Keynote Hall (on the ground floor).
Rest of the schedule stays as is.
And now day 2 pictures from Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2010 in Brazil ...

And finally the evolving photo album so far:

On a personal front, somebody mentioned the landscape from Chili, food from Peru, and girls from Argentina (or Brazil depending upon who you ask) is the most fascinating threesome ;-) I've never been to Chili, Peru, and Argentina so will have to figure out how to experience that :-) Any Java conferences there ?

Also, its weird to experience Christmas in the hot weather of Sao Paulo. I wonder the white christmas here refers to white sand on the beach.  The malls certainly have huge christmas trees and even there is a Santa station but feels awkard without the cold weather. Tomorrow is the last day of JavaOne and I'm soooo looking forward to head back home and can only think of the following song ...

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Hi Mr. Gupta,

We met briefly at JavaOne San Francisco - I am a Java EE consultant based on Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Unfortunately I was unable to attend JavaOne Sao Paulo this time...
I would be interested in partnerships for spreading the Glassfish message. We have been doing it already with a few v3 customers, and I believe the platform has the potential for becoming THE default Java EE deployment in Brazil.
Please contact me at juliano at logicstyle dot com.

Posted by Juliano Viana on December 08, 2010 at 11:26 PM PST #

Thanks Juliano for reaching out.

I'll reach out to you with more details.

Posted by Arun Gupta on December 14, 2010 at 08:55 AM PST #

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