Java EE 6 Pocket Guide from O'Reilly - Now Available in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Hot off the press ...

Java EE 6 Pocket Guide from 'OReilly Media is now available in Paperback and Kindle Edition. Here are the book details:

Release Date: Sep 21, 2012
Language: English
Pages: 208
Print ISBN: 978-1-4493-3668-4 | ISBN 10:1-4493-3668-X
Ebook ISBN:978-1-4493-3667-7 | ISBN 10:1-4493-3667-1

Java EE 6 Pocket
Guide The book provides a comprehensive summary of the Java EE 6 platform. Main features of different technologies from the platform are explained and accompanied by tons of samples. A chapter is dedicated to Managed Beans, Servlets, Java Persistence API, Enterprise JavaBeans, Contexts and Dependency Injection, JavaServer Faces, SOAP-Based Web Services, RESTful Web Services, Java Message Service, and Bean Validation in that format.

Many thanks to Markus Eisele, John Yeary, and Bert Ertman for reviewing and providing valuable comments. This book was not possible without their extensive feedback!

This book was mostly written by compiling my blogs, material from 2-day workshops, and several hands-on workshops around the world. The interactions with users of different technologies and whiteboard discussions with different specification leads helped me understand the technology better. Many thanks to them for helping me be a better user!

The long international flights during my travel around the world proved extremely useful for authoring the content. No phone, no email, no IM, food served on the table, power outlet = a perfect recipe for authoring ;-)

Markus wrote a detailed review of the book. He was one of the manuscript reviewers of the book as well and provided valuable guidance. Some excerpts from his blog:

It covers the basics you need to know of Java EE 6 and gives good examples of all relevant parts.
This is a pocket guide which is comprehensively written. I could follow all examples and it was a good read overall. No complicated constructs and clear writing.
GO GET IT! It is the only book you probably will need about Java EE 6! It is comprehensive, wonderfully written and covers everything you need in your daily work. It is not a complete reference but provides a great shortcut to the things you need to know. To me it is a good beginners guide and also works as a companion for advanced users.

Here is the first tweet feedback ...

Jeff West was super prompt to place the first pre-order of my book, pretty much the hour it was announced. Thank you Jeff!

@mike_neck posted the very first tweet about the book, thanks for that!

The book is now available in Paperback and Kindle Edition from the following websites:

Here is how I can use your help:
  • Help spread the word about the book
  • If you bought a Paperback or downloaded Kindle Edition, then post your review here.
  • If you have not bought, then you can buy it at and multiple other websites mentioned above.

If you are coming to JavaOne, you'll have an opportunity to get a free copy at O'Reilly's booth on Monday (October 1) from 2-3pm. And you can always buy it from the JavaOne Bookstore.

I hope you enjoy reading it and learn something new from it or hone your existing skills. As always, looking forward to your feedback!

Congrats on the book!

Posted by guest on September 21, 2012 at 02:09 PM PDT #

Thanks for all the information ,it was very helpful i really like that you are providing information on core and advance java ,being enrolled in
advance and core java i was looking for such information on advance and core java and your information helped me a lot. I really like that you are providing such information.

Posted by sarah on September 24, 2012 at 04:42 AM PDT #

I really like that you are providing information on core and advance java , being enrolled in, i was looking for such information online to assist me on core and advance java concepts and your post helped me a lot .thAnks

Posted by sarabjeet on October 03, 2012 at 08:22 AM PDT #

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