Java EE 6, NetBeans, and GlassFish workshop at Reykjavik, Iceland

The JUGICE normally has about 10-25 attendees, and once again, the awesome threesome of Java EE 6, NetBeans, and GlassFish attracted about 50+ attendees in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The interactive attendees learned all learned about:
  • Improvements in Java Persistence API 2
  • "web.xml"-free and annotation-driven Servlets
  • Simplified packaging of EJBs in a WAR file, no-interface and single file definition of EJB
  • Session preservation across redeploys
  • Facelets (XHTML/CSS) as templating language for JavaServer Faes to achieve true MVC
  • Integration of Bean Validation with JPA and JSF
  • Typesafe dependency injection and Producer/Observer of events using CDI
  • RESTful resources using JAX-RS
Most of the attendees stayed for almost 4 hrs long workshop. Several folks gave positive feedback afterwards and tweets like this are much more explicit about it:

Almost everybody could complete all the exercises, which was definitely satisfying. Most importantly I coached them on how to debug errors and got them little more comfortable in NetBeans and GlassFish. Some folks were even asking for the next level of workshop already. I'd love come back in Summer to enjoy the Icelandic hospitality!

I had an interesting discussion with a J2EE-to-Spring-converted architect on the benefits of Java EE 6 over Spring. Stay tuned on that and I'll post more details in a few days :-)

Check out some more pictures from the workshop ...

The attendees helped me clarify the document further and the revised document is available here and the complete application here.

I also had some good discussions with Reynir Hubner, the marvelous and extremely hospitable JUGICE leader. He is the CTO at Eplica and also the Vice President of Reykjavik Cycling Club. We had some interesting talks about cross training. He took me around Golden Circle and to Blue Lagoon.

And some more pictures from the stay ...

Some interesting facts about Iceland ...
  • The country has about 300k people with two-thirds living in Reykjavik metro.
  • Even though its close to Arctic circle, the temperature is still relatively warm because of the Gulf Stream.
  • Fishing, Aluminium smelting, Tourism, and Geothermal power are the primary industries.
  • One of the first countries to have a democratically elected female head of state.
  • The landscape is vast, diverse (lava, craters, snow, lakes, glacier, geysir to name a new), and beautiful (some pictures).
  • Team handball is the national sport and other sports are popular too. Icelanding wrestling (Glima) is a particularly interesting one!
  • The heat bill is received yearly because of the widespread usage of geothermal power.
  • Iceland is all green, Greenland is all icy (more here)
  • Very low crime rate in Iceland is proven by the fact that the country's name does not even exist in this list for 2010 and this shows 0 murder per 100k for the year 2008. The country has no Army, Navy, or Air Force and only has a Coast Guard. The only folks carrying guns is the Viking Squad which is about 50 cops in the entire country.
  • Everybody talks in terms of before and after the 2008 financial crisis.
  • The roof colors in Reykjavik are very bright and vibrant and is by design. I guess this might be to complement the gray sky which is prominent all through out the year ;-)
  • CrossFit Games overall runner up is Annie Thorisdottir, an Icelander.
  • 66 o North is a common brand that sell outer wear for all weather. No such thing as bad weather, just need to be properly dressed.
  • If you fly Iceland Air over Atlantic then you can take a 7-day stopover in Iceland without any additional cost.
  • Icelandic horses are short but neve call them pony. More about them at
  • Check the latest weather conditions from instead of
And finally the complete set of pictures from Reykjavik and an evolving album of the trip of Nordics trip so far ...

Next stop JFokus ...

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