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Keep reading for reeprt on my Brazil trip so far (FISL12, Java Noroeste) ...

Brasilia is the capital and fourth largest city of Brazil. It has offices for all three branches of the government and headquarters of several companies. The main portion of the city looks like an airplane when viewed from the top with the Congress and Supreme Court buildings in the cockpit, several ministry buildings in the fuselage, and other commercial buildings on the wings.

Roger and I hosted a radio talkshow (just like Car Talk) and answered numerous questions on Java in a recorded Q&A session at the Defense Department building. Niether of us had seen the questions earlier and they were coming from a live twitter feed, audience in the room, and some questions in advance from the DFJUG members.

We answered about 20-25 questions on ranging from why Oracle is good for Java, whats new coming in JDK 7, why GlassFish is better than JBoss, what is done in Java EE to provide Ruby-on-Rails-like productivity, new in Cloud computing, future of Sunspots, why EJBs are so complex, current state of Swing/JavaFX, and a whole variety of them. The 1 1/2 hour broadcast required quick thinking but a very rewarding experience. The session was also streamed live on the web to about 600 attendees which broke their previous high record of 300. This recording will also be posted as a Java Spotlight podcast.

Later in the day, Roger and I talked about the Java platform to about 200 DFJUG members. Roger talked about Java SE 7/8/9/ and ME and I talked about Java EE 6/7 and GlassFish.

This was my third visit to a DFJUG meeting. Meeting people and building relationship is typically a significant part of any Java meetings, at least in Brazil, and so we spent a good time with several developers afterwards explaining Oracle's commitment to Java. This meeting allowed them to collect 895 kgs (about 2000 lbs) of rice for underprivileged children in the area. I'm so glad Oracle could help them serve their local community, very satisfying!

DFJUG has launched a new monthly digital magazine foused on the local Java community and you can download it here. The content for this magazine is contributed by the DFJUG members. So feel free to reach out to Daniel if you'd like to become famous :-) They also send a weekly newsletter and sent the newsletter #832 this week.

During the day we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Daniel's beautiful home. And it was all the more delightful to eat home-cooked food after being out for about past couple of weeks. I'm not a tea/coffee drinker but enjoyed discussing the varieties of "masala chai" with his wife.

One of the local community member also told me that the number of runners is steadily growing in Brasilia. I was certainly excited to run a 10K in the "fuselage" and "cockpit" of Brasilia :-)

Paulo Jeronimo drove me from Brasilia to Goiania which was quite a whirlwind visit and will talk about it in a separate blog.

Check out some pictures from Brasilia ....

And, as always, the evolving album:

Writing this blog in flight from Goiania -> Congonhas and excited to be on the last leg of my trip before I head back home ... finally!

Next blog about Goiania ...

Hi Arun! How's it going?

I have been busy this week and hadn't notice that you were in Sao Paulo. I believe we will meet in Congo, in JCertif, but as I live in Sao Paulo I thought that would be cool to have a coffee and talk about some geek stuff or something related to running (though I'm a bit out of shape :-)).

Hope you are enjoying your stay here in Brazil!

Bests, Bruno

Posted by Bruno P. Kinoshita on July 08, 2011 at 12:34 PM PDT #

Hey Bruno,

Come at the TDC2011 venue today for a coffee ? :-)


Posted by Arun Gupta on July 08, 2011 at 08:59 PM PDT #

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