Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

GlassFish and MySQL Student Contest - Winners announced

GlassFish and MySQL student contest winners are announced!

Kolli Bharath from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, India (review, project) and Tomas Augusto Muller, Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil (review, project) won the grand prize of $500 each. There are 7 second prize winners of $250 each.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Meet some of the contest participants here, here, here, and here.

There were lots of great entries and picking one was a tough decision. But luckily the process was simple and clearly defined for all the judges. Each submission was assigned numbers between 1-100 in 8 pre-defined criteria and then a winner was picked. Now, don't ask us about the total marks for each entry or the winning margin ;)

Thanks to all the judges for reviewing the entries!

Here are some guidelines I followed during the review:
  • I looked at the blog and project website, how do I get started ?
  • Is the project site well structured, with links to code, docs, etc ?
  • Is there an installation/user manual ?
  • Is the application a stereotype
  • Is testing (unit, integration, stress, reliability, performance and others) integral part of the project ?
  • Is it a simple JSP/Servlet application or any creative use of GlassFish ? For example, is the participant using Web services, Grizzly Comet, Rails, Grails, Admin console, Monitoring or any such features.
  • Any usability or functionality bugs filed during project development ?
  • How useful is the application in context ?
  • Any NetBeans- or Eclipse-GlassFish integration features used ?
So if you plan to participate in any contest in the future, keep these points in mind :)

If you are interested in advertising your contest entry on this blog, leave a comment on this blog!

Watch out for upcoming contests.

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