OracleNext Podcast | October 15, 2018

With AI, Sometimes Less Is More

By: Roland Smart


For our new episode of OracleNext, I had the opportunity to talk with Chuck Hollis, Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management at Oracle, who previously held several leadership positions at EMC, VMware, and Dell.

In his recent Forbes article "With Artificial Intelligence, Sometimes Less Is More," Chuck argues for a simple yet powerful business principle:

An anecdotal survey shows that ambitious, expensive, and long-running AI projects often fail to deliver the expected results. Narrow, focused, quick efforts either deliver those results or provide useful learning…Through that lens, opportunities are everywhere in our businesses to apply what's being called artificial narrow intelligence. The big idea?
Do one thing well.

In this podcast episode, we explore how narrow AI can be used immediately to answer some practically ordinary and do-one-thing-well questions—questions that have to do with some of the most critical and day-in, day-out business problems: How likely is it that this job candidate will stay with us for at least two years? What are the chances of this part breaking? And how much of a discount should I offer in order to retain this customer?

Chuck and I also discuss:

  • The latest advances in machine learning—and how machine learning itself will be used to build new machine learning models.
  • How narrow AI will undergird what might one day be properly called a general-purpose AI, which will in turn help us answer the bigger questions: Should I acquire this company? Should I merge these business units? Should I change my compensation plan and strategy?
  • How to convince your employees to accept and implement AI's increasingly robust recommendations—and why it's important for enterprises to avoid the pitfall of "black-box" machine learning.

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ROLAND SMART is a product oriented marketing leader who serves as a vice-president in the Oracle corporate marketing group. During his tenure he has led several modernization initiatives related to The Oracle Technology Network, social programs, and content/inbound programs. His previous experience includes early roles at a number of startups including Involver which was acquired by Oracle in 2012. Smart speaks at industry events such as the ad:tech, Modern Marketing Experience, The Social Media Optimization Conference, SXSW, and co-hosts The Marketing Agility Podcast. He's written for such industry publications as Forbes and iMedia. His acclaimed book The Agile Marketer: Turning Customer Experience Into Your Competitive Advantage was published in 2016 by Wiley.



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