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Desktop application for purging SOA instances

Arda Eralp
Principal Consultant

You can purge instances with using my desktop application. It is easiest way to delete them from your SOA database. My application connects your database and run "soa.delete_instances" procedure. All of instance states will be ignored. "Check states table" . Before you start purging, your database administrator have to run these command below in your database.



My main referance document is "http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/admin.1111/e10226/soaadmin_partition.htm".

And Please back up your database before you start purging!

So, how to use this program?

Driver: Oracle JDBC driver
Connection String(url): Write your connection url like this example "jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521/orcl"
SOA Username: Something like SOA_INFRA, PROD_SOAINFRA etc.
Test Connection: It tests your connection, succeed or failed.

Composite Name: Which composite you want to purge? It is case sensitive
Composite Version: 1.0,1.1 etc.
Date From: Beginning creation date for the composite instances. Purge instances created the date after.
Date To: Ending creation date for the composite instances. Purge instances created the date before. (Not equals this date)

Batch Size: Batch size used to loop the purge
Maximum Run time: Expiration time at which the purge script exits the loop.
Delete with period: Split connections for each period. If you don t check this box, your application runs only "1" time. If you check this box, your application splits your begin and end date with selected day. For example, Date from is "2015-01-10" and date To is "2015-01-20", and you check this box and select 2 days period. Your application will be running 5 times, first delete instances between "2015-01-10" and "2015-01-12", then run again for delete instances between "2015-01-12" and "2015-01-14", then it will be continue like this.


Click "Run" button and wait.

If you want to use this tool, please contact with me via my e-mail (arda.eralp@oracle.com).

And it is not official Oracle Product.

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Shoaib Khan Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    Hi Eralp,

    The mentioned procedure soa.delete_instances, does it still works for SOA 12.1.3 as I noticed there are few table changes for the composite instances in 12c. I understand running instances cannot be deleted using soa.delete_instances only Stale/Aborted and other than running could be deleted. Or could be some workaround to delete the running instances as well please guide.

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