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Deploy Composite Using WLST

Arda Eralp
Principal Consultant

If you need to deploy your composites with command line script, follow the steps.

Step 1:Create SAR File

Deploy your project as a SAR File

Step 2:Copy SAR File to Server

Create new folder for deployment. Copy SAR file and create empty .py file

Step 3:Create .py file

Script has two lines, one of them is for connecting server, the other one is deployment function.



Step 4:Run wlst

Go to "wlst" file foler(/Oracle_SOA1/common/bin) and run wlst with deploy.py file.


Command Category: Deployment Commands

Use with WLST: Offline


Deploys a SOA composite application to the Oracle WebLogic Server. This command does not package the artifact files of the application for deployment. See SOA Composite Application Packaging Commands for instructions on packaging a SOA composite application.


sca_deployComposite(serverURL, sarLocation, [overwrite], [user], [password],
[forceDefault], [configplan], [partition])

Argument Definition
serverURL URL of the server that hosts the SOA Infrastructure application (for example, http://myhost10:7001).
sarLocation Absolute path to one the following:
  • SOA archive (SAR) file.

    A SAR file is a special JAR file that requires a prefix of sca_ (for example, sca_HelloWorld_rev1.0.jar). The SAR file can be deployed with the deployment commands (such as sca_deployComposite()), but a regular .jar file is not treated as a special SAR file.

  • ZIP file that includes multiple SARs, metadata archives (MARs), or both.

  • Enterprise archive (EAR) file that contains a SAR file.

overwrite Optional. Indicates whether to overwrite an existing SOA composite application file.
  • (default): Does not overwrite the file.

  • : Overwrites the file.

user Optional. User name to access the composite deployer servlet when basic authentication is configured.
password Optional. Password to access the composite deployer servlet when basic authentication is configured.
forceDefault Optional. Indicates whether to set the new composite as the default.
  • true (default): Makes it the default composite.

  • false: Does not make it the default composite.

configplan Optional. Absolute path of a configuration plan to be applied to a specified SAR file or to all SAR files included in the ZIP file.
partition Optional. The name of the partition in which to deploy the SOA composite application. The default value is default. If you do not specify a partition, the composite is automatically deployed into the default partition.


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