Friday Jan 27, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2102-01-27

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"If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday."
-- Noel Coward

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Monday Jan 23, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-01-23

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"On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks."
-- H. Allen Smith

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Thursday Jan 12, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-01-12

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"I wish you a tolerable Thursday. That's all any of us can hope for."
-- April Winchell

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  • Oracle Enterprise Management Online Forum
    Event Date: January 25, 2012 | 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET
    Get your questions answered about the different phases of the cloud lifecycle--from justification and planning to implementation, user adoption, and ongoing management. Learn about common challenges and how Oracle Enterprise Management keeps you in total control.
    • Sushil Kumar - Vice President, Product Strategy and Business Development, Oracle
    • Rex Wang - Vice President, Product Marketing, Oracle
    • Craig Yappert - Senior Director, Enterprise Monitoring Solutions, Oracle
    • Eric Tran-Le - Vice President, Product Management, Oracle
    • Paul Hughes - Director, Product Marketing, Oracle
    • Anand Akela - Senior Principal Product Director, Product Marketing, Oracle
    • Moe Fardoost - Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle
    • Scott Mcneil - Principal Product Manager, Product Marketing, Oracle
    • Daniel Schrijver - Senior Principal Product Director, Product Marketing, Oracle
  • Webcast: Enterprise Data Integration for Heterogeneous Environments
    Event Date: Januaray 18, 2012 | 10:00 am PT / 1:00pm ET
    • Irem Radzik - Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Data Integration Products, Oracle
    • Doug Reid - Director, Product Management, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle
    • Denis Gray - Principal Product Manager, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle
  • Big Data is Cool | Rick Ramsey
    "If you're a sysadmin, you may want to know Big Data works," says Rick Ramsey. "Since Oracle just launched its Big Data Appliance, we have plenty of content to get you started."
  • Podcast: Unwrapping Oracle WebLogic 12c
    In case you missed it over the holidays, the complete three-part conversation with WebLogic product team members Jeff West, Will Lyons, and Pieter Humphrey is now available. The conversation ranges from community involvement in WebLogic's development, to the role of Oracle Assembly Builder, to WebLogic's role in the evolution of Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • Custom Portal Lifecycle Series (2-4) | Martin Deh
    Martin Deh dives "a bit deeper into the WebCenter development lifecycle paradigm" with a look at the MDS (Oracle Metadata Services Framework), and how it is used in the development of a WebCenter custom Portal Application.
  • Cloud Candidate Selection; Bite-sized SOA Governance; Fusion Evolution
    This week on the OTN Architect Home Page.

Tuesday Dec 20, 2011

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 12/20/2011

Monday Dec 19, 2011

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 12/19/2011

Friday Dec 16, 2011

Podcast Show Notes: Unwrapping Oracle WebLogic 12c

This week the OTN ArchBeat Podcast kicks off a wide-ranging, three-part conversation with members of the product team behind Oracle WebLogic Server 12c. Topics covered include community involvment in the development of WebLogic 12c, an exploration of the relationship between Weblogic 12c and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder, plus a look at WebLogic 12c’s role in the evolution of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Representing the WebLogic product team in this conversation:

Jeff West: Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Will Lyons: Director, WebLogic Server Product Management, Oracle

Pieter Humphrey: Principal Product Director, Oracle

If you have questions for Jeff, Will, or Pieter, feel free to contact them via any of the social links provided. And if you want more information about Oracle WebLogic 12c...

Oracle WebLogic 12c Product Resources

Coming Soon

Starting January 4, 2012, the OTN Archbeat Podcast will present the first of a 3-part series featuring highlights from the session speaker panel discussion from the OTN Architect Day event in Phoenix, AZ, held on December 14, 2011. Stay tuned: RSS

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 12/13/2011

Thursday Dec 08, 2011

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 12/08/2011

Tuesday Dec 06, 2011

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 12/06/2011

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ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 12/05/2011




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