Thursday Nov 21, 2013

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for November 21, 2013

  1. YouTube Video: Design - Transactions and Data Controls | Chris Muir
    Chris Muir returns with another video from ADF Architecture TV. This video focuses on "the need for transactions and how they're implemented and supported via ADF Data Controls."
  2. Creating ADF BC View Object Instances On The Fly | Andrejus Baranovskis
    This post by Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis describes a use case in which "we have a set of common Entity Objects and want to handle View Objects and UI dynamically."
  3. JDeveloper Extension To Suppress Warnings | Wilfred vander Deijl
    Oracle ACE Wilfred vander Deijl shares the details on a JDeveloper 12c extension he created to suppress warnings when working with XML files.
  4. How to Recognize the Requirements in Use Cases | Jan Kettenis
    Solution architect Jan Kettenis shares tips for writing effective use cases.
  5. Oracle BPM 11g: Adaptive Case Management Quick Start Video Series | Oracle Learning Library
    This series of Oracle Learning Library video tutorials is designed to introduce business analysts and application developers to Adaptive Case Management in Oracle BPM 11g.
  6. Transaction Boundaries and Rollbacks in Oracle SOA Suite | Oracle Learning Library
    This self-study eCourse from Oracle Learning Library explains transaction boundaries in SOA mediator and BPEL components, and includes examples of rollback behaviors in various sample transaction scenarios.

Thought for the Day

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong."

β€” Voltaire, French writer, historian, and philosopher
(November 21, 1694 – May 30, 1778)


Monday Aug 12, 2013

Archbeat Link-O-Rama Top 10 Facebook Faves for August 4-10, 2013

3,768 people now follow the OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page. Each day that page features links to blog posts, articles, and other resources created mostly by members of the OTN software architect community. Here are the Top 10 most popular items for the week of August 4-10, 2013.

  1. Tutorial: OEPE Coherence Grid Archives (GAR) Support
    Check out this free, illustrated tutorial that demonstrates the various Coherence Grid Archives (GAR) features available in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.
  2. SOA Governance Training - August 26th–30th 2013 - EMEA (Lisbon)
    Spend some of your summer sharpening your SOA skills.
  3. Embracing Situational IT | Rick Beers
    Rick Beers, Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Fusion Middleware, pulls no punches in his assessment of the IT profession. "We continually believe that we know everything and that we are right all the time, " says Beers. "Not only collectively but also individually. Consensus often seems to be a case of having an opinion and then convincing everyone else that it is right." Is he right?
  4. Free Interactive eCourse: WebLogic Server 12c New Features
    Fix your gaze on this interactive, self-paced eCourse for a detailed overview of the latest features and enhancements in WebLogic Server 12.1.2.
  5. New Fusion Applications Tutorials (and they're free)
    Working with Oracle Fusion Applications? Oracle Learning Library recently added several new tutorials in various formats -- and they're all FREE! So put your money away and start learning.
  6. What happened with the Web Service Test Client in WebLogic 12.1.2? | Dr. Frank Munz
    Author and WebLogic expert Dr. Frank Munz solves a mystery.
  7. Oracle's Internet of Things platform | Shivanshu Upadhyay
    Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've likely heard about the Internet of Things. This post by Shivanshu Upadhyay includes links to a couple of upcoming Oracle Webcasts on the Internet of Things, and also includes lists of relevant sessions coming up at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne in San Francisco.
  8. A Case for Oracle Fusion Middleware | Lucas Jellema
    Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema created a composite of several real-world companies to produce this in-depth look at the interaction of people, processes, and technologies in the transition to a 21st century service-oriented architecture.
  9. Changed or New Features in WebLogic 12.1.2 | Atul Kumar
    Oracle ACE Atul Kumar's concise post offers a quick look at what's new in Oracle WebLogic 12c R2 (12.1.2).
  10. Running web application on AWS | Tom Laszewski
    Tom Laszewski puts the spotlight on a list of resources for Oracle-fosused developers and engineers running web apps in the cloud.

Thought for the Day

"Nobody knows anything."

β€” Novelist, playwright, and screenwriter William Goldman
(Born August 12, 1931)





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