Monday Jun 17, 2013

Archbeat Link-O-Rama Top 10 Facebook Faves - June 9-15, 2013

2,688 people now follow OTN ArchBeat on Facebook. Here are the Top 10 items they've had an eye on for the week of June 9-15, 2013.

  1. Customization Lifecycle Management: Principles and Recommendations Explained | Richard Bingham
    "Whilst the desire for tailored application products will forever remain strong, and the urgency is pushed on to developers to deliver them," says Richard Bingham, "there needs to be diligence from the outset to ensure the resulting solutions do not end up causing more harm than the benefit they bring."
  2. OK, who wants coffee?
    (Photo from QCon New York.)
  3. Topics under discussion at the HTML5 OpenSpace Unconference at #QConNewYork.
    (Photo from QCon New York.)
  4. Another pic from last night's OTN reception at QCon New York.
    (Photo from QCon New York.)
  5. Integrating Taleo Business Edition with Fusion Tap | Tim Warner
    Oracle ACE Tim Warner let's you look over his shoulder at some of his recent work with Taleo Business Edition and Fusion Tap.
  6. New Blog: A-Team Chronicles
    The A-Team Chronicles brings all of the posts and bloggers from the various Fusion Middleware A-Team blogs under one roof. Written by working solution architects, these posts get down to the technical nitty-gritty, and are a great source of Fusion Middleware and Fusion Apps expertise.
  7. OTN Architect Day: Cloud Computing. July 9, 2013, Redwood Shores, CA
    Keep your eye on this: OTN Architect Day: Cloud Computing. July 9, 2013, Redwood Shores, CA. Free in-person event focused on real-world technical examples of how Oracle technologies have been implemented to meet Cloud Computing challenges.
  8. Good morning, Brooklyn! #qconnewyork
    (Photo from QCon New York.)
  9. Big crowd having big fun at last night's OTN reception.
    Thanks to all who attended for making this event a success! (Photo from QCon New York.)
  10. Emerging Technologies are Changing the IT Job Market | Innovation Insights |
    "If you are looking for your next dream job, your skills must be relevant; old technology is making way for new in ways we may never have imagined," says Tony Balistrieri. "In essence, the world of SDN, Converged Infrastructure, BYOD, Virtualization, ITaaS, SDS, and PAaaS, and of course, The Cloud, has arrived."

Thought for the Day

"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought."

Albert Szent-Györgyi
(September 16, 1893 – October 22, 1986)





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