Wednesday Oct 24, 2012

Podcast Show Notes: Are You Future Proof?

On September 14, 2012 ZDNet blogger Joe McKendrick published Why IT is a Profession in Flux, a short article in which he makes the observation that "IT professionals are under considerable pressure to deliver more value to the business, versus being good at coding and testing and deploying and integrating." I forwarded that article to my list of Usual Suspects (the nearly 40 people who have participated in the podcast over the last 3 years), along with a suggestion that I wanted to put together a panel discussion to further explore the issue. This podcast is the result.

As it happened, three of the people who responded to my query were in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld, as was I, so I seized the rare opportunity for a face to face conversation. The participants are all Oracle ACE Directors, as well as architects:

  • Ron Batra, Director of Cloud Computing at AT&T
  • Basheer Khan, Founder, President and CEO at Innowave Technology
  • Ronald van Luttikhuizen, Managing Partner at Vennster.

The Conversation

  • Listen to Part 1
    Future-Proofing: As powerful forces reshape enterprise IT, your IT and software development skills may not be enough.
  • Listen to Part 2
    Survival Strategy: Re-tooling one’s skill set to reflect changes in enterprise IT, including the knowledge to steer stakeholders around the hype to what’s truly valuable.
  • Listen to Part 3
    Writing on the Wall: Do the technological trends that are shaping enterprise IT pose any threat to basic software development roles? What opportunities do these changes represent?

The entire conversation is also available in video format from the OTN YouTube Channel.

Your Two Cents

What are you doing to future-proof your IT career? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Monday Apr 02, 2012

ArchBeat Top 20 for March 25-31, 2012

The top 20 most-clicked links as shared via my social networks for the week of March 25-31, 2012.

  1. Oracle Cloud Conference: dates and locations worldwide
  2. The One Skill All Leaders Should Work On | Scott Edinger
  3. BPM in Retail Industry | Sanjeev Sharma
  4. Oracle VM: What if you have just 1 HDD system | @yvelikanov
  5. Solution for installing the ADF Runtimes onto a standalone WLS 10.3.6 | @chriscmuir
  6. Beware the 'Facebook Effect' when service-orienting information technology | @JoeMcKendrick
  7. Using Oracle VM with Amazon EC2 | @pythianfielding
  8. Oracle BPM: Adding an attachment during the Human Task Initialization | Manh-Kiet Yap
  9. When Your Influence Is Ineffective | Chris Musselwhite and Tammie Plouffe
  10. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12.1.1 update on OTN 
  11. A surefire recipe for cloud failure | @DavidLinthicum 
  12. IT workers bore brunt of offshoring over past decade: analysis | @JoeMcKendrick
  13. Private cloud-public cloud schism is a meaningless distraction | @DavidLinthicum
  14. Oracle Systems and Solutions at OpenWorld Tokyo 2012
  15. Dissing Architects, or "What's wrong with the coffee?" | Bob Rhubart
  16. Validating an Oracle IDM Environment (including a Fusion Apps build out) | @FusionSecExpert
  17. Cookbook: SES and UCM setup | George Maggessy
  18. Red Samurai Tool Announcement - MDS Cleaner V2.0 | @AndrejusB
  19. OSB/OSR/OER in One Domain - QName violates loader constraints | John Graves
  20. Spring to Java EE Migration, Part 3 | @ensode

Thought for the Day

"Inspire action amongst your comrades by being a model to avoid."

Leon Bambrick

Monday Mar 26, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama Top 20 for March 18-24, 2012

The top-twenty most-clicked links as shared via my social networks for the week of March 18-24, 2012.

  1. Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator | Steen Schmidt
  2. Oracle Linux Online Forum - 4 sessions, 9 speakers + live chat March 27
  3. OWSM vs. OEG - When to use which component - 11g | Prakash Yamuna
  4. Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group 2 Day Seminar - May 14-15 - Cleveland, OH
  5. SOA! SOA! SOA!; OSB 11g Recipes and Author Interviews
  6. Webcast: Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile - March 27 - 10am PT / 1pm ET
  7. Oracle Hardware Systems: The Extreme Performance Tour - Dates and Locations Worldwide
  8. Oracle Cloud Conference: dates and locations worldwide
  9. Mismatch: Developer skills and customer demands | Floyd Teter
  10. OTN Virtual Developer Day - Java (APAC - in English) - March 27
  11. Webcast Q&A: Demystifying External Authorization
  12. 2 New Cloud Computing resources added to free IT Strategies from Oracle library
  13. Encapsulating OIM API’s in a Web Service for OIM Custom SOA Composites | Alex Lopez
  14. Webcast: Simplify Oracle RAC Deployment with Oracle VM
  15. SOA gets mobilized; mobile gets SOA-ized: survey | Joe McKendrick
  16. Integrating with Oracle Fusion Applications: Discovering Integration Artifacts | Rajesh Raheja
  17. Oracle Access Manager 11g - useful links | Dmitry Nefedkin
  18. Anil Gaur on Cloud Computing Support in Java EE 7
  19. Enterprise app shops announcements are everywhere | Andy Mulholland
  20. The extraordinary software development manager | Seth Godin

Thought for the Day

"Every large system that works started as a small system that worked. "

— Anonymous




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