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OTN Architect Day Presentations - Phoenix, AZ - December 14, 2011

The following OTN Architect Day Phoenix presentations are now available on Slideshare.

  • Engineered Systems: Oracle's Vision for the Future | Ralf Dossmann
    Oracle's Exadata and Exalogic are impressive products in their own right. But working in combination they deliver unparalleled transaction processing performance with up to a 30x increase over existing legacy systems, with the lowest cost of ownership over a 3 or 5 year basis than any other hardware. In this session you'll learn how to leverage Oracle's Engineered Systems within your enterprise to deliver record-breaking performance at the lowest TCO.
  • Cloud Computing Industry Trends and Directions | Ron Batra
    Cloud Computing and Virtualization are considered the topmost IT priorities for CIO's and business leaders for 2011. This session will analyze Cloud Computing and Virtualization along with other recent disruptive technologies and present perspectives on understanding and unlocking their value. Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud strategies will also be examined, and we'll also take a look at their short- and long-term effects Infrastructure Architecture and Systems Management.
  • Cloud Computing - Making IT Simple | Scott Mattoon
    The road to Cloud Computing is not without a few bumps. This session will help to smooth out your journey by tackling some of the potential complications. We'll examine whether standardization is a prerequisite for the Cloud. We'll look at why refactoring isn't just for application code. We'll check out deployable entities and their simplification via higher levels of abstraction. And we'll close out the session with a look at engineered systems and modular clouds.
  • Innovations in Grid Computing with Oracle Coherence | Randy Stafford
    Learn how Coherence can increase the availability, scalability and performance of your existing applications with its advanced low-latency data-grid technologies. Also hear some interesting industry-specific use cases that customers had implemented and how Oracle is integrating Coherence into its Enterprise Java stack.
  • Rationalization and Defense in Depth - Two Steps Closer to the Cloud | Dave Chappelle
    Security represents one of the biggest concerns about cloud computing. In this session we'll get past the FUD with a real-world look at some key issues. We'll discuss the infrastructure necessary to support rationalization and security services, explore architecture for defense -in-depth, and deal frankly with the good, the bad, and the ugly in Cloud security.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager | Adeesh Fulay
    Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) provides complete lifecycle management for the cloud - from automated cloud setup to self-service delivery to cloud operations. In this session you'll learn how to take control of your cloud infrastructure with EM features including Consolidation Planning and Self-Service provisioning with Metering and Chargeback.
  • Oracle VM Consolidation and Path to the Cloud | Ronen Kofman
    Application-Driven Virtualization technologies offer new capabilities for optimizing data centers and enabling new IT operating models. This session will review the architectural strategies for getting the most of virtualization technology in a cloud environment.
  • Oracle Cloud Reference Architecture | Anbu Krishnaswamy
    Cloud initiatives are beginning to dominate enterprise IT roadmaps. Successful adoption of Cloud and the subsequent governance challenges warrant a Cloud reference architecture that is applied consistently across the enterprise. This presentation will answer questions such as what exactly a Cloud is, why you need it, what changes it will bring to the enterprise, and what the key capabilities of a Cloud infrastructure are - using Oracle's Cloud Reference Architecture, which is part of the IT Strategies from Oracle (ITSO) Cloud Enterprise Technology Strategy (ETS).
  • 21st Century SOA | Jeff Davies
    Service Oriented Architecture has evolved from concept to reality in the last decade. The right methodology coupled with mature SOA technologies has helped customers demonstrate success in both innovation and ROI. In this session you will learn how Oracle SOA Suite's orchestration, virtualization, and governance capabilities provide the infrastructure to run mission critical business and system applications. And we'll take a special look at the convergence of SOA & BPM using Oracle's Unified technology stack.

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