Tuesday Oct 27, 2015

Twitter Tuesday: Top 10 Tweets - October 20 - 26, 2015

Got a nose for what's happening across the OTN architect/middleware community? Then check out the Top 10 @OTNArchBeat tweets for the last seven days, October 20 - 26, 2015.

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Wednesday Oct 07, 2015

Things to do in the OTN Lounge at OOW15

On Sunday October 25, 2015 the OTN Lounge will spring to life in the upper lobby of Moscone South, offering a variety of activities for those attending Oracle OpenWorld 2015 in San Francisco. Because, you know, we don't want you to run out of things to do. 

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Sunday Sep 28, 2014

Hey! You Lookin' For Me?

The pressing question on so many minds: Where will Bob Rhubart be during Oracle OpenWorld?

The answer is simple: When I'm not in my hotel room soaking in a hot bath, I'll generally be in the OTN Lounge in Moscone South, recording more 2 Minute Tech Tip videos, catching up with friends I haven't seen since OOW13, and responding to the question, "Where are the t-shirts?"

On Sunday I'll be hanging out with my OTN peeps and throngs of community members at the OTN Kick-Off Party (3:00-5:00), right there in the OTN Lounge. There will be beer and more conversations that I can possibly handle while I hand out special wrist bands for the architects in the community -- WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

And speaking of throngs... On Monday night I will migrate over to the Oracle Plaza on Howard St. for the OTN TechFest. There will beer, wine, live music, and hopefully plenty of opportunities for me to load up my Instagram account with photos of my OTN colleagues trying to dance. 

Anyway, I'll be around. Come by and say hello. Really!

Thursday Mar 01, 2012

ArchBeat Top 30 for 30

Each day during the work week I share a variety of links via my social networks. These links point to resources I deem to be of interest to the OTN architect community, typically articles or blog posts by architects, or relevant events. The following list represents the 30 most-clicked links for the past 30 days, listed in descending order of popularity.

  1. Book review: Do more with SOA integration | @deltalounge
  2. A use case to illustrate how clouds, mobility and big data create new business capabilities | Andy Mulholland
  3. Oracle Cloud Conference: dates and locations worldwide
  4. Cloud Conference Goes Global; Hands-on Java; Cloud Considerations
  5. White Paper: An Architect's Guide to Big Data | Dr. Helen Sun and Peter Heller
  6. Latest federal 'shared services' strategy is actually SOA redux | Joe McKendrick
  7. White Paper: Oracle SOA Suite 11G Database Growth Management Strategy
  8. Webcast: Bridging the Big Data Divide with Oracle Data Integration
  9. Oracle Technology Network Virtual Developer Day: Java
  10. Webcast: Oracle Solutions Maximize the Value of the Smart Grid Data Explosion
  11. Your Presentation at the "Oracle SOA & BPM Customer Insights Online Summit" | J Swaroop
  12. Oracle Hardware Systems: The Extreme Performance Tour - Dates and Locations Worldwide
  13. February OTN Member Discounts/Offers
  14. The latest Java Magazine issue is out and it's all about JavaEE!
  15. Well Hello There, Oracle Social Network Videos | @jkuramot
  16. Standardized IT-platforms are essential for Business Agility | @omebos
  17. Is Java technology going to disappear? Heck No! says this article | Hinkmond Wong
  18. Questions for an Enterprise Architect | Erik Dörnenburg
  19. 3 secrets to creating a business case for cloud computing | David Linthicum
  20. Event: Oracle High Availability Solutions for MySQL - Stockholm
  21. Oracle Online Forum: Big Data Essentials
  22. Interview on Software Systems Architecture with Nick Rozanski and Eoin Woods
  23. Software Naturalism - Embracing the Real Behind the Ideal | Michael Feathers
  24. Webcast: Top 10 Tips to Accelerate Oracle VM Deployments
  25. Oracle Social Business Thought Leaders Webcast Series
  26. Exalogic and Multicast | Sabha Parameswaran
  27. Glassfish - Vertical clustering with multiple domains | Alexandru Ersenie
  28. Configure WebLogic Resource Adapters with ANT | @Biemond
  29. Warning – action required: key Internet changes taking place | Andy Mulholland
  30. Unit Testing Asynchronous BPEL Processes Using soapUI | Daniel Amadei

Thursday Dec 22, 2011

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 12/22/2011

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

An ACE outsider looks in

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