Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

Software Engineering: Off to a Bad Start?

The opening remarks for Real Software Engineering, Living Social developer Glenn Vanderburg's keynote presentation at QCon 2012 in San Francisco, include this:

The people who started the software engineering field and movement, from the very beginning, misunderstood two very important things: software and engineering. And as a result, the field went off in the wrong direction from the very start, and legitimized certain ways of doing things and certain paths of research that really have not been very fruitful.

Vanderburg's presentation is fascinating, often funny, and well worth watching, especially in light of how cloud computing and other technological shifts are redefining IT roles.

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Wednesday Jul 18, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-07-18

  • Online Launch Event: Introducing Oracle Tuxedo 12c - July 31 - 10am PT / 1pm ET
    Leave your black tie in your closet! This online event on July 31, 2012 consists of two live webcasts. The first, Oracle Tuxedo 12c Overview and Technical Deep Dive, (10am PT / 1pm ET) features speakers Hasan Rizvi Sr. VP Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java; Ajay Patel. VP Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Management; Deepak Goel, Sr Dir. Oracle Tuxedo Product Development; and Todd Little, Chief Architect, Oracle Tuxedo. That will be immediately followed by Mainframe Modernization Overview and Application Runtimes 12c Technical Deep Dive, (11am PT / 2pm ET) with featured speakers Dale Vecchio, Research VP, Gartner and Mark Rakhmilevich, Sr. Dir. Oracle Mainframe Modernization. Register for one or both — it's free.
  • Journey into the Cloud - Introduction | Tim Read
    "Don't be fooled into thinking this is a one-off trip, or something that must be rushed," says Tim Read. "Far from it. Think of it as a daily commute with familiar landmarks, traffic lights, and intersections along the way. As new roads are built or widened, you can take advantage of them to hasten your journey."
  • Think through your cloud plans—or else | David Linthicum
    "There are two worlds" in IT, says David Linthicum. "One involves the hype and good feelings about next-gen IT, such as cloud computing, that tells us the technology itself will save us from the mistakes of the past. Then there's the world of planning, architecture, and design that makes the technology actually useful—despite IT's aversion to this crucial stage."
  • Hate the player, not the game — or my case for Data Engineers | Dominic Delmolino
    "In an organization with responsive data engineers there shouldn’t be a need to 'get rid of the database,'" says Dominic Delmolino. "One of the best reasons to have a database is that it provides so many ways to build the different kinds of models and transform the data between them with minimal need for additional frameworks or mountains of custom code."

Thought for the Day

"There is nothing more unproductive than to build something efficiently that should not have been built at all."

Milt Bryce
(1925 - 2005)

Source: SoftwareQuotes

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-04-17

Thought for the Day

"Your problem is another's solution; Your solution will be his problem."

— Anonymous

Monday Jul 25, 2011

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