Friday Jul 12, 2013

What do you want to be when IT grows up?

In the recent OTN ArchBeat Podcast series DevOps, Cloud, and Role Creep, Oracle ACE Directors Ron Batra, Basheer Khan, and Cary Millsap discuss how trends that are reshaping enterprise IT are also reshaping "traditional" IT roles.

But if you think those changes are limited to developers, sysadmins, and architects, guess again. In Why the Cloud is causing a Split in the Role of the CIO Capgemini's Ron Tolido points out that even C-level roles are not immune to the forces that are reshaping enterprise IT:

As digital transformation starts to become a top priority for businesses, the role of the CIO will continue to split as they are forced to choose between digital transformation on one hand and IT infrastructure, applications and Cloud management on the other. In the quickly evolving world of Cloud solutions, the CIO must decide what type of CIO they want to be.

IT is always growing and changing. New technologies and trends are born, and some survive the Darwinian maturation and adoption process to become part of the fabric of IT. In other words, those technologies and trends grow up. As that happens—and believe me, it will never stop happening—every person in every role in IT faces an important question: What do you want to be when IT grows up?

Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

Archbeat Link-O-Rama Top 10 Facebook Faves - June 23-29, 2013

2,947 people now follow OTN ArchBeat on Facebook. Here are the Top 10 items shared on that page for June 23-29, 2013.

  1. Podcast Show Notes: DevOps, Cloud, and Role Creep
    After some confusion (my bad) all three CORRECT parts of this podcast are now available. The panelists for this discussion are all Oracle ACE Directors: Ron Batra, Basheer Khan, and Cary Millsap.
  2. SOA Suite 11g Developers Cookbook Published | Antony Reynolds
    "The book focuses on areas that we felt we had neglected in the Developers Guide, says co-author Antony Reynolds. "There is more about Java integration and OSB, both of which we see a lot of questions about when working with customers."
  3. Using Oracle TimesTen With Oracle BI Applications (Part 2) | Peter Scott
    Peter Scott follows up an earlier post with a look at some of the OBIA structures and a discussion of some of the features of TimesTen.
  4. Linux-Containers — Part 1: Overview | Lenz Grimmer
    OTN Garage blogger Lenz Grimmer kicks off a series and expands your mind with deep detail on Linux Containers
  5. Slides from my ODTUG Kscope13 Presentation | Zeeshan Baig
    Oracle ACE Zeeshan Baig shares the slides from his KScope13 presentation, "Build Your Business Services Using ADF Task Flows."
  6. Fun with Enterprise Manager | Rene van Wijk
    Oracle ACE Rene van Wijk shares some background and some tuning and other tech tips for working with Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  7. Using VirtualBox to test drive Windows Blue | The Fat Bloke
    The Fat Bloke shares a tech tip for those interested in giving Windows Blue a try on Virtual Box.
  8. Podcast Show Notes: The Fusion Middleware A-Team and the Chronicles of Architecture
    In this three-part series Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team members Jennifer Briscoe, Clifford Musante, Mikael Ottosson, and Pardha Reddy talk about the origins and mission of the FMW A-Team and about the great technical content you'll find on the recently launched Oracle A-Team blog. Part one is now available.
  9. 5 Best Practices - Laying the Foundation for WebCenter Projects | John Brunswick
    Oracle WebCenter expert John Brunswick shares best practices that "enable the creation of portal solutions with minimal resource overhead, while offering the greatest flexibility for progressive elaboration."
  10. Oracle Magazine - July/Aug 2013
    The digital edition of the July/August edition of Oracle Magazine is now available. This issue includes my architect community column, "The CX Factor." which features insight from community members on "why and how CX has become a significant factor in enterprise IT." h

Friday Jun 14, 2013

Podcast Show Notes: DevOps, Cloud, and Role Creep

The latest OTN ArchBeat Podcast represents something of an experiment in that the discussion topic and the panelists were selected by a community member, rather than by me. That community member is Oracle ACE Director Ron Batra, director of product development, product management, and cloud computing at AT&T.

Ron wanted to explore the effect DevOps, cloud computing and other trends are having on established IT roles and responsibilities. Here's how he frames the discussion:

“Where is the industry headed? Are developers going to be operational people? Or will operational people become full programmers of a sophisticated degree, and just manage everything virtually? Or will developers need to do what the sysdadmin does, minus the heavy infrastructure lifting, and be watching out for the software layer, the operational layer, as well as the application logic?”

For the panel, Ron selected Oracle ACE Director Basheer Khan, an IT architect with Innowave Software, and Oracle ACE Director Cary Millsap, a software performance analyst with Method R Corporation.

The Conversation

  • Listen to Part 1: DevOps and cloud computing are changing the IT industry — and changing IT roles. The panel discusses what’s happening and how it might affect your job.
  • Listen to Part 2: Automation and innovation had a huge impact on the manufacturing jobs of years gone by. Is something similar happening to some IT jobs?
  • Listen to Part 3: In 2003 Nicholas Carr said “IT doesn’t matter.” In 2013 and beyond, what IT roles will matter? Staying relevant may mean stepping out of your comfort zone.

Get Connected

Want to connect with the panelists for this discussion? You can!

  • Ron Batra Twitter Blog LinkedIn Facebook Oracle ACE Director
  • Basheer Khan Blog LinkedIn Facebook Oracle ACE Director
  • Cary Millsap Twitter Blog LinkedIn Facebook Oracle ACE Director

Coming Soon

Upcoming programs will focus on:
  • The Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team
  • Data Warehousing and Oracle Data Integrator
  • Java, Mobile, and more

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Friday Feb 08, 2013

Podcast: What's Really Going to Matter in 2013?

At the turn of the new year one is exposed to predictions by analysts and industry journalists about the IT topics and trends that will dominate in the year ahead. That coverage has it's place, but does it reflect what's happening in the real world, among real architects? Enterprise IT is surely changing, but what trends or factors will have the greatest impact where the rubber meets the road? This program brings together a panel of working IT professionals to talk about the trends and technologies will most affect what they do in 2013.

The Panel

  • Oracle ACE Director Ron Batra is product director for cloud computing at AT&T. Ron is based in Austin, Texas.
    Twitter Blog LinkedIn Facebook
  • Oracle ACE Director Alex Gorbachev is Chief Technical Officer at The Pythian Group. Alex is based in Ottawa, Canada.
    Twitter Blog LinkedIn Facebook
  • Brian Jimerson is Chief Architect at Avantia, Inc, a strategic solutions firm. Brian is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Conversation

  • Listen to Part 1: What's Hot? The panelists share their insight into the trends and technologies that will have the greatest impact on their work in 2013.
  • Listen to Part 2: What's Not? The panel discusses the trends, technologies, and other aspects of enterprise IT that will lose steam in 2013.
  • Listen to Part 3: Where Do We Go From Here? The panel discusses how the trends that are driving the evolution of enterprise IT are profoundly reshaping the IT architecture profession.

This conversation was recorded on January 17, 2013.

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Wednesday Jan 02, 2013

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama Top 10 for December 2012

Happy New Year! Now that your holiday hangover has had a chance to subside, try to get your eyes to focus on this list of the Top 10 most popular items shared on the OTN ArchBeat Facebook page for the month of December 2012.

Thought for the Day

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
(May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882)

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