Wednesday Oct 21, 2015

Three Recent Books. Three Sample Chapters.

Sure, tweets, text messages, and short videos are great for quick communication. But when you need to pound some serious information into your noggin you just have to do the reading.

If you're ready for a deep dive, here are three sample chapters from recently published books written by members of the community.

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Thursday Jul 03, 2014

Summer Reading for Techies

Looking for some summer reading?

Sure, you could get engrossed in the latest bestseller, but how will that help you when your day at the beach, or on the patio, or just laying in an undersized plastic pool in your driveway is over? Just because you've slathered yourself with sunscreen is no reason not to beef up your technical knowledge while you're trying to keep cool.

With that in mind, here are three absolutely free excerpts from recent technical books

Creating Domains with WLST by Martin Heinzl

In this sample chapter from Advanced WebLogic Server Automation: Administration and Monitoring with WLST and JMX (Rampant TechPress), author Martin Heinzl starts with the minimal domain, extends it with components, and then shows "a comprehensive but flexible example of how to create a domain with a number of important features."

Watch an interview with the author.

Installing Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Using the Management Tools
by Sam R. Alapati

This excerpt is the complete first chapter from the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Administration Handbook (Oracle Press). In it author Sam R. Alapti introduces the three major administrative tools for managing Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: the Administration Console, the Node Manager utility, and the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST), and then shows you how to use them.

eCommerce in the Cloud
by Kelly Goetsch

In this sampler from eCommerce in the Cloud (O'Reilly) author Kelly Goetsch discusses the unique nature of eCommerce and explains why Cloud is a natural fit for ecommerce, allowing organzations to "quickly and incrementally adopt cloud computing for any ecommerce platforms, whether packaged or custom, new or legacy."

Watch an interview with the author.

Thursday Nov 08, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama Top 10 for October 2012

The Top 10 most popular items shared on the OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page for October 2012.

  1. OAM/OVD JVM Tuning | @FusionSecExpert
    Vinay from the Oracle Fusion Middleware Architecture Group (known as the A-Team) shares a process for analyzing and improving performance in Oracle Virtual Directory and Oracle Access Manager.
  2. SOA Galore: New Books for Technical Eyes Only
    Shake up up your technical skills with this trio of new technical books from community members covering SOA and BPM.
  3. Clustering ODI11g for High-Availability Part 1: Introduction and Architecture | Richard Yeardley
    "JEE agents can be deployed alongside, or instead of, standalone agents," says Rittman Meade's Richard Yeardley. "But there is one key advantage in using JEE agents and WebLogic – when you deploy JEE agents as part of a WebLogic cluster they can be configured together to form a high availability cluster." Learn more in Yeardley's extensive post.
  4. Solving Big Problems in Our 21st Century Information Society | Irving Wladawsky-Berger
    "I believe that the kind of extensive collaboration between the private sector, academia and government represented by the Internet revolution will be the way we will generally tackle big problems in the 21st century. Just as with the Internet, governments have a major role to play as the catalyst for many of the big projects that the private sector will then take forward and exploit. The need for high bandwidth, robust national broadband infrastructures is but one such example." -- Irving Wladawsky-Berger
  5. Eventually, 90% of tech budgets will be outside IT departments | ZDNet
    Another interesting post from ZDNet blogger Joe McKendrick about changing roles in IT.
  6. ADF Mobile - Login Functionality | Andrejus Baranovskis
    "The new ADF Mobile approach with native deployment is cool when you want to access phone functionality (camera, email, sms and etc.), also when you want to build mobile applications with advanced UI," reports Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis.
  7. Podcast: Are You Future Proof? - Part 2
    In Part 2, practicing architects and Oracle ACE Directors Ron Batra (AT&T), Basheer Khan (Innowave Technology), and Ronald van Luttikhuizen (Vennster) discuss re-tooling one’s skill set to reflect changes in enterprise IT, including the knowledge to steer stakeholders around the hype to what's truly valuable.
  8. ADF Mobile Custom Javascript — iFrame Injection | John Brunswick
    The ADF Mobile Framework provides a range of out of the box components to add within your AMX pages, according to John Brunswick. But what happens when "an out of the box component does not directly fulfill your development need? What options are available to extend your application interface?" John has an answer.
  9. Oracle Solaris 11.1 update focuses on database integration, cloud | Mark Fontecchio
    TechTarget editor Mark Fontecchio reports on the recent Oracle Solaris 11.1 release, with comments from IDC's Al Gillen.
  10. Architects Matter: Making sense of the people who make sense of enterprise IT
    Why do architects matter? Oracle Enterprise Architect Eric Stephens suggests that you ask yourself this question the next time you take the elevator to the Oracle offices on the 45th floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois (or any other skyscraper, for that matter). If you had to take the stairs to get to those offices, who would you blame? "You get the picture," he says. "Architecture is essential for any necessarily complex structure, be it a building or an enterprise." (Read the article)

Thought for the Day

"I will contend that conceptual integrity is the most important consideration in system design. It is better to have a system omit certain anomalous features and improvements, but to reflect one set of design ideas, than to have one that contains many good but independent and uncoordinated ideas."

Frederick P. Brooks


Monday Nov 05, 2012

SOA Galore: New Books for Technical Eyes Only

Shaken, not stirredIn my part of the world the weather has taken its seasonal turn toward the kind of cold, damp, miserable stuff that offers a major motivation to stay indoors. While I plan on spending some of that indoor time working my way through the new 50th anniversary James Bond box set, I will also devote some time to improving my mind rather than my martini-mixing skills by catching up on my reading. If you're in a similar situation, you might want to spend some of your time  with these new technical books written by community members:

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's HandbookOracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook
by Ahmed Aboulnaga and Arun Pareek.

Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Advanced BPMN TopicsOracle BPM Suite 11g: Advanced BPMN Topics
by Mark Nelson and Tanya Williams

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's CookbookOracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook
by Antony Reynolds and Matt Wright (Coming in December; available for pre-order).




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