Show Notes: Who gets to be a software architect?

IT Business Edge blogger Loraine Lawson struck a chord with this recent comment:

Why in the world anyone would want to sit down with an enterprise architect when they spend so much time arguing over the very meaning of their own discipline!

This week’s OTN ArchBeat Podcast kicks off a four-part panel discussion that grew out of the ongoing discussion among architecture groups on LinkedIn and elsewhere about what software architecture is and what it means to be a software architect.

  • Listen to Part 1
    How are architects different from developers?
  • Listen to Part 2
    Should the title “Software Architect” be reserved for those with some sort of certification?
  • Listen to Part 3
    The panel discusses the career path from developer to architect.
  • Listen to Part 4
    The panelists wrap up the discussion of hot-button issues relating to software architecture practices.

In order to get a community perspective on the issue I turned to the roster of usual suspects and posed the question: Who gets to be a software architect?

The panel for this series of programs is comprised of four people whose responses to the question were immediate and nearly identical -- minor variations on “I have very strong feelings about that.” 

  • Ron Batra is an Oracle ACE Director and the Director of Cloud Computing Product Development at AT&T
    Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn | Oracle ACE Profile
  • Brian “Bex” Huff is also an Oracle ACE Director and Chief Software Architect at Bezzotech, Inc.
    Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn | Oracle ACE Profile
  • Randy Stafford is a member of Oracle’s  A-Team,  a group of architects working with Oracle’s Middleware development group. 
    LinkedIn |
  • Eric Stephens is a director of Enterprise Architecture at Oracle.
    Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn

Coming Soon

Upcoming programs include a discussion of first steps in SOA Governance with members of Oracle’s SOA Governance team, and a special remote recording of the panel discussion from the recent OTN Architect Day event in Toronto.

If you have suggestions for discussion topics or interviews for the ArchBeat podcast, post a comment here or ping me on Twitter at @brhubart.

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Bob, at Iasa we have put some serious research into this topic over the last 8 years which supports the position and direction. Would love to speak with you about it.

Posted by Paul Preiss on April 29, 2011 at 02:16 AM EDT #

Can we also hear the experts on who is a "Database Architect".

Posted by Prem Kumar on June 19, 2011 at 08:37 PM EDT #

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