ArchBeat Facebook Friday: Top 10 Posts - July 4-10, 2014

Among the 5,227 fans of the OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page these are the top 10 most popular posts from the last seven days, July 4-10, 2014.

  1. Creating SOA Applications using Maven | Mark Nelson
    Pay attention! Redstack blogger and FMW A-Team architect Mark Nelson shows you how to create a SOA/BPM application from a Maven archetype.
  2. SOA Suite 12c: Obtaining composite resources; WSDLs, XSDs and WADLs | Martin Smeets
    In SOA Suite 12c and 11g there are several options to obtain composite resources such as WSDL's and WADL's. In this blog Martin Smeets of AMIS Services demonstrates some of these options and provide some background information.
  3. UKOUG Book review: Oracle Big Data Handbook | Phil Wilkins
    MP3Monster blogger Phil Wilkins reviews the Oracle Big Data Handbook for the UKOUG Blog.
  4. White Paper: Oracle WebLogic Server Integration with Oracle Database 12c
    This white paper by Monica Riccelli and Frances Zhao-Perez introduces Oracle Active GridLink for RAC, describes the impact of Oracle WebLogic server on several leading features in Oracle Database 12c, such as Pluggable Database (PDB), Database Resident Connection Pool (DRCP), Application Continuity, and Global Data Services (GDS).
  5. Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12c Quick Start Distribution | Guido Schmutz
    The Oracle SOA Suite 12c Quick Start distributions allow you to quickly install a development or evaluation environment on a single host computer. In this post Oracle ACE Director Guido Schmutz takes you step-by-step through the process.
  6. Using ODI 12c for Data Integration with Oracle Hyperion Planning | Ayush Ganeriwal
    This article by ODI product manager Ayush Ganeriwal discusses the use of Oracle Data Integrator and the Outline Load Utility to achieve end to end data integration with Oracle Hyperion Planning.
  7. ADF 12c (12.1.3) New Feature - ADF Query Item Reordering and Custom Operators | Andrejus Baranovskis
    The new ADF Query item reordering feature in Oracle ADF 12.1.3 allows users to choose the order to display criteria items displayed in an ADF Query. Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis has created a sample application to help you understand how to use this new feature.
  8. Top 10 Most Popular OTN SOA Articles
    You like lists? The check out this list of the Top 10 most popular OTN technical articles covering service oriented architecture for the past 30 days.
  9. Summary of Mobile Access to WebCenter Portal Activity Stream | Mark Meyer
    Oracle WebCenter Portal (WCP) provides a list of activities that have recently occurred in a portal, called an activity stream, via a Representational State Transfer (REST) interface. This article by A-Team solution architect Mark Meyer summarizes how to access this activity stream from a mobile device, making use of Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Oracle ADF, and the Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF).
  10. Building a hybrid application with Mobile Application Framework and WebCenter Portal | Yannick Ongena
    This step-by-step guide from Fusion Middleware A-Team solution architect Yannick Ongena shows how to "build your entire mobile application in WebCenter Portal but still make use of the native features provided by the mobile framework."

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