Thursday Jan 23, 2014

Hot Topics for the OTN Article You're Going to Write

The technical articles you read on OTN don't just appear out of thin air. They're the result of time and effort invested by subject matter experts across the community. Are you such an expert?

If you're interested in writing for OTN you'll find some general editorial guidelines here: How To Get Published by Oracle Technology Network.

As OTN's architect community manager my editorial focus is primarily on content covering any of the products or technologies under the Oracle Fusion Middleware umbrella. I'm looking for well-written articles that share specific technical how-to information, the kind of stuff that helps people solve problems. If you have an idea for an article, you can send me either a short abstract, or a completed article. All submissions are subject to editorial and technical reviews. If your article passes muster you will be eligible for a stipend.

If you're interested in writing for OTN and want to gain an edge in that effort, here's the first of a series of lists of suggested article topics I'll post in this blog.

WebLogic Specific Features and Open Standards Compliance

  • The best Java EE 6 support on WebLogic 12.1.2
  • What's ahead on WebLogic 12.1.3 for key Java EE 7 APIs
  • WebLogic WebSocket 1.0 (12.1.2)
  • WebSocket (JSR 356) 1.0 (12.1.3)
  • Supporting WebSockets from WebLogic-specific to JSR 356
  • Rich JSF components with ADF Essentials on WebLogic 12c
  • How to move WebLogic applications from On Premise to the Cloud?
  • Scaling WebLogic WebSocket Applications
  • TopLink Data Services - Consistent REST for your Data Model
  • Advanced JMS on WebLogic - UOO, OUW, SaF
  • Performing Efficient Broadcasts with the WebSocket API
  • Using Virtualized Database 12c with WebLogic Server 12c
  • Avoid Data Loss with Transaction Replay and WebLogic Server 12c
  • Using JAX-RS with WLS (for 12.1.3 this will be JAX-RS 2.0)
  • Using Jersey Client API with WLS (12.1.3)
  • New capabilities in JPA 2.1 (12.1.3)
  • Using the JSON-P API (12.1.3)
  • Dynamic Registration of Filters/Servlets
  • Using RichFaces/PrimeFaces with WLS (12.1.2)

If one of these topics inspires you to start pounding the keyboard, contact me via Twitter at @OTNArchBeat, or leave a comment on this post so we can discuss next steps.




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