Thursday Sep 05, 2013

Thanks, Listeners! OTN ArchBeat Podcast is #1!

The OTN ArchBeat Podcast has been around since March of 2009, featuring conversations with members of the OTN architect community. Since that launch the podcast has produced 229 individual programs. While the podcast has generally fared well among the 25 Oracle podcasts, over the last year or so the audience has built to the point that in August 2013 the podcast hit a new and remarkable milestone. I'm very happy to announce that for the month of August the OTN ArchBeat Podcast was the most downloaded of all Oracle podcasts. Here are the top 10 Oracle podcasts for August, based on the aggregate number of downloads.

  1. OTN ArchBeat Podcast
  2. Oracle Database PodCasts
  3. Oracle's AppCasts
  4. Oracle Fusion Middleware Podcasts
  5. Oracle Magazine Podcast
  6. Oracle Technology Network TechCasts
  7. Oracle Author Podcasts
  8. Oracle Sun Servers and Storage Podcasts
  9. Meet The MySQL Experts

The OTN ArchBeat Podcast would not be possible without the cooperation, insight, and expertise of a small army of panelists who have participated in the conversations over the past four years. Panels for the various discussions almost always include members of the Oracle ACE program, along with subject matter experts from within Oracle, and the occasional outside expert. Compiling a complete list of all the panelists would take more time than I have, but their participation has driven the conversations, and those conversations have driven the success of the podcast. For that I am enormously grateful.

But of course all that effort and expertise would go to waste if no one was listening. So I am especially grateful for the people who download the programs. Thanks for listening. I hope you will continue to do so.

Video: Steffo Weber on Identity Management and Oracle API Gateway

Identity management architect Steffo Weber's OTN article Protecting IDPs from Malformed SAML Requests offers a concise yet detailed technical dive into how you can use Oracle API Gateway as an XML firewall to protect Oracle Identity Federation from receiving malformed SAML requests. Steffo shares a bit of background on the article in this short video interview.

You'll find more interviews with members of the OTN architect community here:

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for September 5, 2013

  1. Trade-Offs In The Cloud | Floyd Teter
    In examining the upside/downside of the public cloud Oracle ACE Director Floyd Teter concludes that, "In the end, it's up to each of us to evaluate the technology and make the best determination for each of our unique situations."
  2. Tech Article: Understanding Service Compensation
    Chapter 7 in the Industrial SOA article series will help you gain a deeper understanding of the implications of transactions and compensation within a service-oriented architecture.
  3. Recommended Oracle BPM 11g books
    One of the fine people behind the Oracle BPM blog shares a short list of must-read books for those working with Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g.
  4. Basic WebLogic Deployment Plans for your ADF Application | Duncan Mills
    Duncan Mills shows you "how easy it is to create and use a deployment plan from within JDeveloper and to embed it into a deployment profile that can be used either from the IDE or via OJDeploy in your build system."
  5. Java EE 7 Essentials Book by Arun Gupta | Tori Wieldt
    Tori Wieldt provides a peek between the covers of Java Evangelist Arun Gupta's new book, Java EE 7 Essentials, now available from O'Reilly Press.
  6. How Important Is Metadata To An Information Management Strategy? | Ian Thomas
    Architect Ian Thomas delves into aspects of information management strategy, starting with metadata, and working his way to Oracle Metadata Services (MDS), Oracle Enterprise Repository, racle Data Integrator (ODI), and more.
  7. Youtube Video: Design - Advanced Task Flow Concepts, Good Design Practices | Frank Nimphius
    In this new episode of TV ADF Architecture TV Frank Nimphius discusses sizing strategies for task flows.
  8. Finding Value in Big Data | The Economist
    This 11-page PDF, a summary of an Economist discussion on Big Data sponsored by Oracle, offers a high-level business perspective on Big Data. But it's broken down into short sections that offer insight into the Big Data strategies at several companies, as well as a look at how Big Data is reshaping IT. That's the kind of information Architects may find interesting.
  9. Optimizing content cache performance in WebCenter Portal | Yannick Ongena
    WebCenter Portal can increase content delivery performance by leveraging Coherence cache for content integration. Solution architect Yannick Ongena's post explains the different parameters for the cache and how they work together with WebCenter Content to deliver an optimized content cache.

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