Monday Apr 29, 2013

ArchBeat Link-o-rama Top 10 Facebook Faves

More than 2,100 people now follow the OTN ArchBeat Facebook page. The list below reflects the Top 10 most popular items shared on that page for the week of April 21-27, 2013.

  1. Oracle BPM 11g Mobile Worklist with ADF Mobile | Andrejus Baranovski
    Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis shares the details behind a new Oracle ADF Mobile application he has developed.
  2. On the Integrity of Data | Lucas Jellema
    Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema shares a blog post that extends his recent OTN article, also titled "On the Integrity of Data."
  3. OBIEE, ODI and Hadoop Part 3: A Closer Look at Hive, HFDS and Cloudera CHD3 | Mark Rittman
    The third in a series of posts from Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman answers the question: "So what actually is Hive, how do you load data into it, and can ODI help with this process?"
  4. Using the Apache HTTP Server as a forward proxy to the Internet | Peter Lorenzen
    "Often you do not want servers in your internal network segments to be able to access the Internet directly, " says Peter Lorenzen. "One way to get controlled access to the Internet is to place an Apache HTTP Server in a DMZ network segment." Peter shows you how in this post.
  5. Essbase and EPM Integration Improvements in OBIEE | Mark Rittman
    Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman sheds some well-deserved light on "the significant improvement in integration between Essbase, the Hyperion EPM Suite, and OBIEE 11g."
  6. Running Oracle Designer Generation from Ant and Hudson | Peter Reitsma
    Peter Reitsma shows you how with real-world examples.
  7. Podcast Show Notes: The State of SOA
    The latest OTN ArchBeat podcast series features a discussion of the State of SOA with members of the team of authors behind Industrial SOA, a new article series available on OTN. Listen to Part 1 now.
  8. Infographic – Content Personalization Strategy Guide | John Brunswick
    Social Enterprise expert John Brunswick shares an infographic that "outlines major segments of an overall strategy and series of considerations for the delivery of personalized user experiences."
  9. Joy of Coding 2013 Keynote | Michael Feathers
    Michael Feathers keynotes on the history of programming, what brings joy to this activity and why developers like it.
  10. SmartView as the Replacement for BI Office with OBIEE | Mark Rittman
    Another in Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman's series of posts digging into features in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Thought for the Day

"I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when looked at in the right way, did not become still more complicated."

Poul Anderson
(November 25, 1926 – July 31, 2001)


Thursday Apr 25, 2013

Podcast Show Notes: The State of SOA

Service Oriented Architecture may not get the attention it used to, but it's still alive and kicking -- and more important than ever.

The latest OTN ArchBeat Podcast program features a panel discussion on the State of Service Oriented Architecture. The panel for this conversation consists of four gentlemen who collectively represent exactly half of the team of experts behind Industrial SOA, a new series of articles available on OTN.

The Panelists

  • Middleware Expert Jurgen Kress works for Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels. He is the founder of the Oracle SOA and BPM community, the Oracle WebLogic Partner Community, and the global Oracle Partner Advisory Councils.
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  • Oracle ACE Director Hajo Normann is the SOA/BPM lead for Accenture ASG. He is one of the leaders of the German Oracle user group known as DOAG SIG SOA, and is a member of the Masons of SOA.
    Twitter Blog LinkedIn
  • Oracle ACE Director Guido Schmutz works for Trivadis, where is responsible for innovative SOA, BPM, and Application Integration solutions and leads the Trivadis Architecture Board.
    Twitter Blog LinkedIn
  • Oracle ACE Director Torsten Winterberg works for Opitz Consulting in a dual role as director of strategy and innovation and head of the SOA competence center. He is also a leader of the DOAG SIG SOA, and a member of the Masons of SOA.
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The Conversation

  • Listen to Part 1: The panel discusses why SOA is more important than ever.
  • Listen to Part 2: The panel discuss SOA in the context of business/IT alignment challenges and shares insight on the differences in SOA approaches between Europe and the US.
  • Listen to Part 3: The panel explains the concept of Industrialized SOA and discusses what it means for Cloud computing, Mobile, Big Data, and other trends.

Coming Soon

The next OTN ArchBeat podcast features a panel discussion of mobile architectures and Oracle ADF Mobile.

Stay tuned: RSS

Monday Apr 22, 2013

OTN ArchBeat Facebook Faves - April 14-20, 2013

Here's this week's collection of click magnets, the Top 10 most popular items shared via the OTN ArchBeat Facebook page for the week of April 14-20, 2013.

  1. How to manage your WebLogic Servers? | WebLogic Partner Community EMEA
    A massive list of Oracle WebLogic resources, including Oracle Learning Library self-study courses and a whole bunch of YouTube video tutorials
  2. ADF Mobile and SDO: getting results | Blueberry Coder
    This brief post from the "Blueberry Coder" explains how you can access the return value of the service call when making "web service calls to SDO view objects exposed through a service-enabled application module." ADF Mobile and SDO: getting results
  3. Oracle BPM Suite 11g Highlights | Oracle Learning Library
    This video from the Oracle Learning Library showcases business-driven aspects of Oracle BPM Suite 11g. It demonstrates Modeling, Simulation, UI design, and Player capabilities that allow business users to design and run processes from web-based Process Composer.
  4. OBIEE, ODI and Hadoop Part 2: Connecting OBIEE to Hadoop Data Sources | Mark Rittman
    Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman continues his series with a look at "how OBIEE can now access Hadoop data sources through two related technologies; Hive, and MapReduce."
  5. It's Time to Honor the Techies!! Oracle Magazine Technologist of the Year Awards
    Information on how you can submit nominations for this year's Oracle Magazine Technologist of the Year awards. Categories include: Big Data Architect, Cloud Architect, Developer, Enterprise Architect, Mobile Architect, and Social Architect.
  6. Architecting Service-Oriented Systems | Grace Lewis
    "Rather than being viewed as an off-the-shelf product, SOA should be viewed as an architectural style or paradigm for designing systems," says SEI's Grace Lewis. "From this paradigm, an infinite number of configurations can be derived that either benefit or harm a system. "
  7. Video: Managing Tuxedo applications with TSAM Plus 12c and OEM Cloud Control 12c | Todd Little
    Todd Little illustrates how the TSAM Plus 12c management tool for Tuxedo applications can be used for performance monitoring and diagnostics, for operations automation and for enforcing service level agreements for business services.
  8. Video Interview: WebCenter Expert JayJay Zheng
    Solution architect and certified Oracle WebCenter specialist JayJay Zheng talks about his new OTN article and about his presentation at Collaborate 13.
  9. OBIEE, OEM12cR2 and the BI Management Pack Part 1: Introduction to OEM12cR2
    The first post in a promised three-part series from Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman covering the BI Management Pack that is now part of the latest release of Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control.
  10. Cutting Edge versus Just Average? Your SOA, Got BPM? | Mala Ramakrishnan
    Mala Ramakrishnan's concise post examines Business Process Management as a success factor in Service Oriented Architecture.

Thought for the Day

"The tools we use have a profound (and devious!) influence on our thinking habits, and, therefore, on our thinking abilities."

Edsger Dijkstra
(May 11, 1930 – August 6, 2002)


Monday Apr 15, 2013

OTN ArchBeat Facebook Faves - April 6-13, 2013

Two thousand people now follow the OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page. These are the Top 10 most popular items shared on that page for the week of April 7-13, 2013.

  1. ADF DVT: Analyzing Financial Position of the European Football (Soccer) Leagues using Treemap | Lucas Jellema
    Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema explains how he used the ADF DVT Treemap component to visualize budget data from various European soccer teams.
  2. Slides from my Sessions at Collaborate 2013 | Zeeshan Baig
    Zeeshan Baig shares two slide decks from his Collaborate 13 presentations covering Oracle ADf and Oracle SOA Suite
  3. Incremental refresh of Exalytics aggregates using native BI Server capabilities | Robin Moffatt
    Robin Moffat explores the use of aggregates (pre-calculated summary data) in Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine.
  4. Review of Lyndsay Wise’s Book – Using OS Platforms for BI | Christian Screen
    Oracle ACE Christian Screen shares a book review and some insight into OSS.
  5. GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator – A Perfect Match - Part 2: Replicate to Staging and Foundation | Michael Rainey
    The second installment in Michael Rainey's three-part business intelligence saga.
  6. Moving to Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Web Services | Jon McDonald
    Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team solution architect Jon McDonald explains how to work with the Generic and Native Web Services provided in Oracle WebCenter Content 11g.
  7. Weblogic Admin and Managed servers as a Windows service | Robert van Molken
    There is no default option to create a Windows service when installing Weblogic and SOA Suite, explains Oracle Fusion Middleware/SOA expert Robert van Molken "The one option that is available is to create a Windows service for the node manager." His quick guide shows you how.
  8. Australia AUSOUG Roadshow - ADF Mobile - April/May | Chris Muir
    Chris Muir announces a series of workshops planned with the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) in late April/May.
  9. SOA Suite definitive guide to: The UMS adapter ( | Robert van Molken
    The latest Oracle SOA Suite patchset includes new healthcare and user messenger service (UMS) adapters, This post from Robert van Molken takes a deep dive into the use of the UMS adapter as a inbound and outbound service in a SOA Composite.
  10. Tweet Chat with Wim Coekaerts, April 11, 1pm PT
    The transcript of a tweet chat with Wim Coekaerts (@ORCL_Linux), Oracle Senior VP of Linux and Virtualization Engineering, held on Thursday April 11th.

Thought for the Day

"Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there."

Josh Billings
(April 21, 1818 – October 14, 1885)

Source: Maxioms

Friday Apr 12, 2013

Defining "Software Architecture"

Photo by Kevin Mazur

What is software architecture?

In The Changing Field of Software Architecture authors Rick Kazman, Len Bass, Paul Clements offer this answer, a quote from their book Software Architecture in Practice:

The software architecture of a system is the set of structures needed to reason about the system, which comprise software elements, relations among them, and properties of both.

They explain:

This definition stands in contrast to many other definitions that talk about the system's "early" or "major" design decisions. Many architectural decisions are made early, but not all are. Many decisions are made early that are not architectural. And it's hard to look at a decision and tell whether or not it's "major." So we prefer to focus attention on structures, relationship, and properties.

Discussion around that question is as resilient as Keith Richards — and that's a good thing: if people are talking about software architecture, they're thinking about software architecture.

So how do you define software architecture?




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