Friday Dec 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Next week things will be relatively quiet here on the ArchBeat blog as I take some time off to spend time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. But before I begin my holiday break I want to extend my sincere wish that you and yours enjoy a safe and happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year.

And with that, here's the final Thought for the Day for 2012:

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."

Jimi Hendrix
(November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970)

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ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for December 21, 2012

Thought for the Day

"I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up - they have no holidays."

Henny Youngman
(March 16, 1906 – February 24, 1998)

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Thursday Dec 20, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for December 20, 2012

  • SCA Composites: Java or BPEL? | Lonneke Dikmans
    Oracle ACE Director Lonneke Dikmans shares insight gained in moving a composite service from Oracle Service Bus to BPEL. "Moving the Java from OSB to the Spring context was very easy," she says.
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Security: More on Upstart | Chris Johnson
    Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team Architect Chris Johnson published a couple of posts on UIpstart. But his readers wanted more. "More explanation, more clarity, and more about how to use Upstart to boot the entire environment." Chris gives the people what they want.
  • Trendspotting 2013 | Billy Cripe
    "2013 will be a year where business has a deep need for expertise, data, security, and people who can execute," says Oracle ACE Billy Cripe, "and information is at the heart of it all."
  • WebCenter Content Web Search Performance: Do you really need that folder path info? | Nicolas Montoya
    Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team member Nicolas Montoya shares a technical tip for putting the pedal to the metal for search operations in the Oracle WebCenter Content Web Interface.
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.4 Review | Jeff James
    Petri IT Knowledgebase Editorial Director Jeff James spent several weeks playing with Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.4. He shares his thoughts and observations in this detailed review.
  • How Agile Do You Need to Be? | Jim Highsmith
    "There are two capabilities (at least) needed to be an agile organization," says Jim Highsmith, "the ability to anticipate areas of needed responsiveness, and the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes. This blog addresses only the first of these; however, by thinking about how to respond to anticipated changes, the organization contributes to the second capability also."
  • Software Engineering: Off to a Bad Start? | Glenn Vanderburg
    Living Social developer Glenn Vanderburg's keynote presentation at QCon 2012 in San Francisco makes some interesting points about the role of the software engineer. What do you think? Are titles like "software engineer" and "software architect" misleading, inaccurate, or misappropriated? What's in a name?
  • RDA Health Checks for SOA | Shawn Bailey
    Shawn Bailey explains what RDA Health checks are, why they matter for Oracle SOA Suite, and how you can run them.

Thought for the Day

"Computer Science is the only discipline in which we view adding a new wing to a building as being maintenance."

Jim Horning


Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

Software Engineering: Off to a Bad Start?

The opening remarks for Real Software Engineering, Living Social developer Glenn Vanderburg's keynote presentation at QCon 2012 in San Francisco, include this:

The people who started the software engineering field and movement, from the very beginning, misunderstood two very important things: software and engineering. And as a result, the field went off in the wrong direction from the very start, and legitimized certain ways of doing things and certain paths of research that really have not been very fruitful.

Vanderburg's presentation is fascinating, often funny, and well worth watching, especially in light of how cloud computing and other technological shifts are redefining IT roles.

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Monday Dec 17, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama Top 10 for December 9-15, 2012

You click, we listen. The following list reflects the Top 10 most popular items posted on the OTN ArchBeat Facefbook page for the week of December 9-15, 2012.

  1. DevOps Basics II: What is Listening on Open Ports and Files – WebLogic Essentials | Dr. Frank Munz
    "Can you easily find out which WebLogic servers are listening to which port numbers and addresses?" asks Dr. Frank Munz. The good doctor has an answer—and a tech tip.
  2. Using OBIEE against Transactional Schemas Part 4: Complex Dimensions | Stewart Bryson
    "Another important entity for reporting in the Customer Tracking application is the Contact entity," says Stewart Bryson. "At first glance, it might seem that we should simply build another dimension called Dim – Contact, and use analyses to combine our Customer and Contact dimensions along with our Activity fact table to analyze Customer and Contact behavior."
  3. SOA 11g Technology Adapters – ECID Propagation | Greg Mally
    "Many SOA Suite 11g deployments include the use of the technology adapters for various activities including integration with FTP, database, and files to name a few," says Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team member Greg Mally. "Although the integrations with these adapters are easy and feature rich, there can be some challenges from the operations perspective." Greg's post focuses on technical tips for dealing with one of these challenges.
  4. Podcast: DevOps and Continuous Integration
    In Part 1 of a 3-part program, panelists Tim Hall (Senior Director of product management for Oracle Enterprise Repository and Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture), Robert Wunderlich (Principal Product Manager for Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack) and Peter Belknap (Director of product management for Oracle SOA Integration) discuss why DevOps matters and how it changes development methodologies and organizational structure.
  5. Good To Know - Conflicting View Objects and Shared Entity | Andrejus Baranovskis
    Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis shares his thoughts -- and a sample application -- dealing with an "interesting ADF behavior" encountered over the weekend.
  6. Cloud Deployment Models | B. R. Clouse
    Looking out for the cloud newbies... "As the cloud paradigm grows in depth and breadth, more readers are approaching the topic for the first time, or from a new perspective," says B. R. Clouse. "This blog is a basic review of cloud deployment models, to help orient newcomers and neophytes."
  7. Service governance morphs into cloud API management | David Linthicum
    "When building and using clouds, the ability to manage APIs or services is the single most important item you can provide to ensure the success of the project," says David Linthicum. "But most organizations driving a cloud project for the first time have no experience handling a service-based architecture and don't see the need for API management until after deployment. By then, it's too late."
  8. Oracle Fusion Middleware Security: Password Policy in OAM 11g R2 | Rob Otto
    Rob Otto continues the Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team "Oracle Access Manager Academy" series with a detailed look at OAM's ability to support "a subset of password management processes without the need to use Oracle Identity Manager and LDAP Sync."
  9. Understanding the JSF Lifecycle and ADF Optimized Lifecycle | Steven Davelaar
    Could you call that a surprise ending? Oracle WebCenter & ADF Architecture Team (A-Team) member learned a lot more than he expected while creating a UKOUG presentation entitled "What you need to know about JSF to be succesful with ADF."
  10. Expanding on requestaudit - Tracing who is doing what...and for how long | Kyle Hatlestad
    "One of the most helpful tracing sections in WebCenter Content (and one that is on by default) is the requestaudit tracing," says Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team architect Kyle Hatlestad. Get up close and technical in his post.

Thought for the Day

"There is no code so big, twisted, or complex that maintenance can't make it worse."

Gerald Weinberg


Friday Dec 14, 2012

Podcast Show Notes: DevOps and Continuous Integration

The topic on the table for the latest OTN ArchBeat series of programs is DevOps. The panelists for this conversation are three gentlemen who, by no small coincidence, have some expertise on the topic.

The Panel

  • Tim Hall is the Senior Director of product management for Oracle Enterprise Repository and Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture.
  • Robert Wunderlich is Principal Product Manager for Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack.
  • Peter Belknap is director of product management for SOA Integration at Oracle.

The Conversation

Coming Soon

Early in the new year OTN ArchBeat will bring you an update on the Oracle Cloud, with details on how you can test drive the Java and Database cloud services.

Stay tuned: RSS

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for December 14, 2012

Thought for the Day

"A program which perfectly meets a lousy specification is a lousy program."

Cem Kaner


Thursday Dec 13, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for December 13, 2012

Thought for the Day

"Smart data structures and dumb code works a lot better than the other way around."

Eric Raymond


Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for December 12, 2012

  • “Cloud Integration in Minutes” – True or False? | Bruce Tierney
    The answer is 'True, but..." according to Bruce Tierney. "Connecting on-premise and cloud applications “in minutes” is true…provided you only consider the connectivity subset of integration and have a small number of cloud integration touch points." Get the rest of the story in Bruce's detailed post.
  • Tech World Discovers New Species: The Cloud Architect | Wired Enterprise |
    This Wired article by Cade Metz boils down to one essential conclusion: Cloud computing is a significant departure from "data center designs of the past," and the demand for the specialized skills of the cloud architect will only increase. But you already knew that, right?
  • Oracle B2B - Synchronous Request Reply | A-Team - SOA
    "Beginning with Oracle SOA Suite PS5 (, B2B supports synchronous request reply over http using the b2b/syncreceiver servlet," says C. D. Wright of the Fusion Middleware A-Team. His post includes a demo and everything you need to run it.

Thought for the Day

"Don't worry about what anybody else is going to do… The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Alan Kay
(Month Day, Year - Month Day, Year)


Tuesday Dec 11, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for December 11, 2012

Thought for the Day

"Well over half of the time you spend working on a project (on the order of 70 percent) is spent thinking, and no tool, no matter how advanced, can think for you."

Frederick P. Brooks





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