Friday Nov 02, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama Top 10 for November 2, 2012

  • ADF Mobile - Login Functionality | Andrejus Baranovskis
    "The new ADF Mobile approach with native deployment is cool when you want to access phone functionality (camera, email, sms and etc.), also when you want to build mobile applications with advanced UI, " reports Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis.
  • Big Data: Running out of Metric System | Andrew McAfee
    Do very large numbers make your brain hurt? Better stock up on aspirin. According to Andrew McAfee: "It seems safe to say that before the current decade is out we’ll need to convene a 20th conference to come up with some more prefixes for extraordinarily large quantities not to describe intergalactic distances or the amount of energy released by nuclear reactions, but to capture the amount of digital data in the world."
  • Cloud computing will save us from the zombie apocalypse | Cloud Computing - InfoWorld
    "It's just a matter of time before we migrate our existing IT assets to public cloud systems," says InfoWorld cloud blogger David Linthicum. "Additionally, it's a short window until the dead rise from the grave and attempt to eat our brains." Is is Halloween or something?

Thought for the Day

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history—with the possible exceptions of hand guns and tequila."

Mitch Ratcliffe

Thursday Nov 01, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama Top 10 for November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Edition

Power outages in the Cleveland area made it impossible to publish posts on Tuesday and Wednesday. In my neighborhood most are still without power. The sound of howling winds that dominated on Monday and Tuesday has been replaced by the sound of of portable generators. My internet connection was restored only after AT&T U-Verse crewmen hooked up a portable generator to power the relay station up the street. Bear in mind that Cleveland is 500 miles from the Atlantic coast.

Thought for the Day

"Anyone who says they're not afraid at the time of a hurricane is either a fool or a liar, or a little bit of both."

Anderson Cooper

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