Wednesday Nov 21, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for November 21, 2012

  • Fault Handling and Prevention - Part 1 | Guido Schmutz and Ronald van Luttikhuizen
    In this technical article, part one of a four part series, Oracle ACE Directors Guido Schmutz and Ronald van Luttikhuizen guide you through an introduction to fault handling in a service-oriented environment using Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus.
  • One Stop Shop for Oracle Webcasts
    Webcasts can be a great way to get information about Oracle products without having to go cross-eyed reading yet another document off your computer screen. Oracle's new Webcast Center offers selectable filtering to make it easy to get to the information you want. Yes, you have to register to gain access, but that process is quick, and with over 200 webcasts to choose from you know you'll find useful content.
  • Oracle on Oracle: Is that all? (Identity Management)| Darin Pendergraft Darin Pendergraft shares a discussion with Jaime Cardoso aboutthe latter's experience with Oracle's IDM products. What's particularly interesting is that the discussion grew out of Jaime's highly critical comment that Darin missed important pointsabout those products in an earlier interview Chirag Andani. If that ain't social engagement, I don't know what is.
  • I.T. Chargeback : Core to Cloud Computing | Zero to Cloud
    "While chargeback has existed as a concept for many years (especially in mainframe environments), it is the move to this self-service model that has created a need for a new breed of chargeback applications for cloud," says Mark McGill. "Enabling self-service without some form of chargeback is like opening a shop where all of the goods are free."
  • New Self-paced Online Oracle BPM 11g Developer Training | Dan Atwood Oracle ACE Dan Atwood of Avio Consulting shares a lot of information about a new Oracle BPM 11g Developer Workshop.
  • JPA SQL and Fetching tuning ( EclipseLink ) | Edwin Biemond Oracle ACE Edwin Biemond's post illustrates how to "use the department and employee entity of the HR Oracle demo schema to explain the JPA options you have to control the SQL statements and the JPA relation Fetching."

Thought for the Day

"Team development is like a birthday cake. Everybody gets a piece."

— Assaad Chalhoub





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