Wednesday Sep 05, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-09-05

  • OTN Architect Day - Boston - Sept 12: What to Expect
    If you've never attended an OTN Architect Day, here's a little preview. You start with a continental breakfast. Then you have keynotes by an Oracle expert, and a member of the Oracle ACE community. After that come the break-out sessions, so you have your choice of two sessions in each time slot. So you'll get in two breakouts before lunch. Then you eat. After that there's a panel Q&A during which the audience tosses questions at the assembled session speakers. Then it's on to another set of break-out sessions, followed by a short break. Then the audience breaks into small groups for round table discussions. After that there's a drawing for some cool prizes, followed by the cocktail reception. All that costs you absolutely zero. Register now.
  • Starting and Stopping Fusion Applications the Right Way | Ronaldo Viscuso
    While the fastartstop tool that ships with Oracle Fusion Applications does most of the work to start/stop/bounce the Fusion Apps environment, it does not do it all. Oracle Fusion Applications A-Team blogger Ronaldo Viscuso's post "aims to explain all tasks involved in starting and stopping a Fusion Apps environment completely."
  • Dodeca Customer Feedback - The Rosewood Company | Tim Tow
    Oracle ACE Director Tim Tow shares anecdotal comments from one of his clients, a company that is deploying Dodeca to replace an aging VBA/Essbase application.
  • Configuring UCM cache to check for external Content Server changes | Martin Deh
    Oracle WebCenter and ADF A-Team blogger Martin Deh shares the background information and the solution to a recently encountered customer scenario.
  • Proxy As Upgrade to 11g Does Not Like NQSession.User | Art of Business Intelligence
    "In Oracle BI 10g the application was a lot more tolerant of bad design and cavalier usage of variables," observes Oracle ACE Christian Screen. "We noticed an issue recently during an upgrade where the Proxy As configuration in Oracle BI 10g used the NQSession.User variable to identify the user logged into Presentation Servers acting as Proxy."
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Interactive Quick Reference | Dirk Nachbar
    Oracle ACE Dirk Nachbar shares a quick post with information on a new interactive reference guide to Oracle WebLogic Server. "The Quick Reference shows you an architecural overview of the Oracle WebLogic Server processes, tools, configuration files, log files and so on including a short description of each section and the corresponding link to the Oracle WebLogic Server Documentation," says Nachbar.

Thought for the Day

"In fast moving markets, adaptation is significantly more important than optimization."

Larry Constantine

Source: Quotes for Software Engineers




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