Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-04-18

Thought for the Day

"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked."

John Gall

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-04-17

Thought for the Day

"Your problem is another's solution; Your solution will be his problem."

— Anonymous

Monday Apr 16, 2012

ArchBeat Top 20 for April 8-14, 2012

The top 20 most popular links as shared via my social networks for the week of April 8-14, 2012.

  1. Webcast Series: Data Warehousing Best Practices
  2. Oracle Cloud Conference: dates and locations worldwide
  3. Why My Slime Mold is Better than Your Hadoop Cluster | Todd Hoff
  4. Seven Secrets Every Architect Should Know | Frank Buschmann
  5. OTN: There's an App for That
  6. In the cloud era, let's start calling IT what it is: 'Innovation Team' | @JoeMcKendrick
  7. Five Best Practices for Going Mobile | @JohnBrunswick
  8. Roadmaps for the IT shop’s evolution | Andy Mulholland
  9. New Exadata Customer Cases | Javier Puerta
  10. Invoicing: It’s time to catch up! | Jesper Mol
  11. Drive Online Engagement with Intuitive Portals and Websites | Kellsey Ruppel
  12. ADF version of "Modern" dialog windows | Martin Deh
  13. Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group 2 Day Seminar - May 14-15 - Cleveland, OH
  14. Perfect fit: The cloud and SOA -- but don't call it that | @DavidLinthicum
  15. Registration is open: Oracle Technology Network Architect Day Reston, VA - May 16. Free event.
  16. Using SAP Adapter with OSB 11g (PS3) | Shub Lahiri
  17. Interactive Webcast and Live Chat: Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Launch - April 12
  18. Event: OTN Developer Day: MySQL - New York - May 2
  19. IOUG Real World Performance Tour, w/Tom Kyte, Andrew Holdsworth, Graham Wood
  20. What the new iPad means for design | @igorskee

Thought for the Day

"Everything really interesting that happens in software projects eventually comes down to people."

James Bach

Friday Apr 13, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-04-13


Thought for the Day

"There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence."

Jeremy S. Anderson

Thursday Apr 12, 2012

ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 2012-04-12

Thought for the Day

"Why do we never have time to do it right, but always have time to do it over?"

— Anonymous




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