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Contributor Spotlight:  Archana N from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri campus, Kollam, Kerala

We appreciate our community contributors and want to highlight their efforts. This first Contributor Spotlight focuses on Archana N, who attends university at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri campus, Kollam, Kerala.  Archana was the Sun Campus Ambassador  for this university in 2007-2008 and continues to mentor other students using GlassFish.

Archana N

When Archana was looking for an opportunity to learn more about Java programming over her summer break from school, she signed up as a community contributor.  When Archana first contacted the documentation team, she wrote, "I am studying to be a developer and I am interested in writing developer docs with code and examples. I am quite interested in working on security. It's an area that fascinates me and now I want to grab this chance to spend some time to learn it and gain some hands on experience."

The doc team responded to Archana and eagerly welcomed her on board.  First, we asked Archana to select a project from the GlassFish Project Ideas page, which is the site that lists some projects for which the GlassFish team is seeking community contributions.  Archana chose a project that would demonstrate how to secure an enterprise bean application using mutual authentication.  Archana was connected with a mentor from within Sun (me!), and I provided information to help her get started and provided guidance and feedback throughout the project.  Archana learned quickly and by the end of her summer break had completed the project and documented her findings.  The contribution that she made to the Java EE/GlassFish documentation, which is how to secure the existing EJB converter example from the Java EE tutorial using mutual authentication, will most likely be included in an upcoming release of the Java EE tutorial.

After completing this project, Archana was eager to continue working with GlassFish.  She said, "I love working with GlassFish and now I am helping my juniors with this technology. They are participating for the Code For Freedom contest conducted by Sun Microsystems in India. I had won the significant contributor award for this contest last year. I would love to continue my work of contributing to open source technologies."  So, Archana chose to work on developing RESTful web services using Project Jersey as her next contribution for GlassFish documentation.

Here is what else Archana had to say about being a community contributor to GlassFish.

Q: How did you get involved as a contributor?
Archana: "Well, I started contributing to open source technologies from my third
year at college in 2007, after I had attended Foss.IN conference which
was held at Bangalore, India. Sun Microsystems had announced Code For
Freedom contest for encouraging contribution to open source
technologies from the universities in India. I won the significant
contributor award in the contest for my contributions to OpenSolaris
and OpenPortal technologies."

Q: Tell us about your experiences working with this project.
Archana: "Where there is love, there is absolutely no effort. I have a passion
for contribution and love to learn new technology. Working with this
project gave me a great exposure on how to utilize my time efficiently
in my endeavors. It was a great experience working with you, Debbie
you were so helpful and responsive to my queries. This has been my
first experience of technical writing and it was splendid. You were
always there to help me out and it was a great deal of support that
you offered. I sincerely express my thanks to the entire GlassFish
documentation team
for the help offered. I used to love working for
the project after college hours and on weekends. It was a great
learning experience outside the classroom. I have a flare for writing
and this project gave me the best platform to combine my passion for
technology with my flare for writing."

Q: Would you like to continue contributing to GlassFish documentation?
Archana: "I would love to contribute again to GlassFish documentation. I enjoyed
the experience and would love to be part of the ride again. I love the
job of a technical writer, where one can combine technical skills with
beauty of writing. I am now lending a helping hand to juniors in my
college, in learning about GlassFish technology, so that they too can
become contributors."

Q: What do you have to say to others who are considering contributing?
Archana: "As a recommendation to others who are considering contributing, I wrote
this small poem:

Flame the sparks of passion in you,
Experience the world of Open Source anew.
Discover your potentials as they unfold,
Venture to contribute in the technologies untold."

Archana, we love your passion, and we thank you very much for your contribution to the GlassFish documentation!  We look forward to working with you on other projects, too.

There are many ways to contribute to documentation, and we welcome and encourage your contributions and participation! If you'd like to get involved with Java EE or GlassFish documentation, visit the documentation home page  for more information about how to get started, or contact the doc team directly at

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