Wednesday Apr 02, 2014

How to Chat Up an Accountant Safely: Social Networking in the Finance Department

A Guest Post by Ultan O'Broin, Director of User Experience, Oracle Corporation

Ultan O’Broin spoke with Senior Director David Haimes in Oracle Financial Applications about the social side of the finance department. At the end of each quarter, financial professionals are exchanging information and making decisions at top speed. They have to make sure everything is correct and legal. It’s hectic and intense. Plus the team members could be in different countries and time zones. This post brings you a host of evidence that social can be game changer for CFOs.

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Thursday Jun 20, 2013

The Hidden Powers of Social Customer Service

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"Customers don't want to be ignored and they don't want lip service," says JP Saunders (pictured left), Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle Customer Experience. In this post, Saunders explains how the right social customer service strategy can help an organization effectively interact with customers and can build a bank of rich, relevant customer data. It also can drive innovation in an organization by providing inspiration and insight from the collective wisdom of the community. His one best practice advice for orgs that want to accelerate success? Don't have social be a bolt on -- make it part of the cross-channel strategy.
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Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

Referrals 2.0: What HCM Has Learned From Groupon and the “Like” Button

A guest post by Jim Milton, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Applications

There are a billion consumers connected to one another via social networks. One billion of us! That’s a lot of eyeballs and a lot of opportunity for marketers to reach us online. They can choose to interrupt our conversations with low-performing display ads, or become the topic of conversation so that we spread the word more naturally through trusted recommendations and referrals. Marketers are increasingly choosing the latter because of its effectiveness. And employers have caught on to the concept with an eye toward driving talent referrals and job sharing.

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Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

Social Recruiting: A Big Opportunity for Oracle Apps

A guest post by Mike Mallin, Oracle Product Strategist by way of SelectMinds

Job seekers’ are finding that their social networks are more effective than job boards and company Websites. In response, companies are spending increasing time and money on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with mixed results, leaving them hungry for real solutions. In this post, Mike Mallin, a fresh voice from SelectMinds, explains how Oracle’s Taleo talent acquisition offering, bolstered by the SelectMinds solution, can increase high-quality hires and create a cost-efficient social recruitment marketing channel. The proof is in the results with eBay and its social employee referral program.

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Sunday Feb 10, 2013

Social Customer Service: The CX Dream

A guest post by Mike Stiles, Senior Content Manager, Oracle

As consumers, we really want to build connections with brands that we like. But when the customer experience falls short with traditional phone, email, and company Websites, we turn to social and mobile to get satisfaction. Seems like a real opportunity for companies, right? In this post, Mike Stiles says that companies are missing the boat and not using social networks to deliver dream customer experiences. Think about it the next time you encounter a multi-level phone tree. Do they really want your business?

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Thursday Jan 24, 2013

Socializing the Finance Department

David Haimes and his team are developing financial applications for Fusion. And, yes, they are embedding collaboration and social features in the business processes -- not because it’s the thing to do, but because finance professionals are asking for it. That’s right. The cultural change to socialize Finance Departments is coming from within the departments. These professionals see how using these tools can drive efficiencies, transparency, and better decision making. For David, working with them to socialize Fusion Financials is collaboration at its finest.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

The State of Social in the Enterprise

Before Meg Bear rang in the New Year, she took a few minutes to write this post about the social phenomenon – its impact, its applicability, its users, its power, and its evolution. She does a nice job of gathering up what many of us have observed over the last year and making sense of it all. We think you’ll enjoy her relevant insights and predictions.[Read More]

Monday Nov 26, 2012

Online Media Daily: Oracle Takes Social Marketing Seriously

Oracle's approach to social marketing is visionary. Online Media Daily says that Oracle is focused on showing marketers how to integrate social data into corporate business processes and how to "socialize" the corporate world. Props for our great acquisitions and organically grown social tools! The market recognizes that we are poised to seize the moment in socially-enabled business apps.[Read More]

Wednesday May 30, 2012

The Future of Project Management is Social

Rapid Ascent. Breakneck Speed. Lightning Fast. Perhaps even overwhelming. No matter which set of adjectives we use to describe it, social media’s rise into the enterprise mainstream has been unprecedented. Indeed, the big 4 social media powerhouses (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter), have nearly 2 Billion users between them. You may be asking (as you should really) “That’s all well and good for the consumer, but for me at my company, what’s your point? Beyond the fact that I can check and post updates, that is.”

I’ll dovetail this discussion to the project management realm, since that’s what I’m writing about. Speed is a big challenge for project-driven organizations. Anything that can help speed up project delivery - be it a new product introduction effort or a geographical expansion project - fast is a good thing. So where does this whole social thing fit particularly since there are already a host of tools to help with traditional project execution?

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Thursday Apr 05, 2012

"Why We Chose Fusion CRM" by Vikas Bhambri, Managing Partner, The Athene Group

Vikas Bhambri, Managing Partner, The Athene Group, Shares His Firm's Fusion CRM Experience.[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

Beyond Chatting: What ‘Social’ Means for CRM

Steve Diamond, Senior Director, Outbound Product Management, Oracle, talks about the essence of sales force collaboration and explores the concept of purposeful social networking.[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 14, 2012

Beyond Record-Keeping: What Social Means for HCM

Steve Boese, Director, Talent Strategy, Oracle, explores what Social really means for HCM and shares his insights into how Social will change every angle of human resources going forward. [Read More]

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