Thursday Oct 11, 2012

It's All In The Cloud

People turned out in droves for Steve Miranda's Apps Cloud General Session. Steve, as engaging as ever, covered our Apps strategy in the cloud and reinforced that Oracle has a complete set of cloud services.  Continue reading to get the full scoop on Steve's Session.[Read More]

Cloud Apps News @#OOW12

All eyes were on Oracle this past week and the news cycle was in full swing. What better time to make some key announcements that were guaranteed to create buzz ... and so we did. The name of the game was Cloud!  Here are the key Cloud announcements for Apps, which included Fusion Tap that enables mobility across all Cloud Apps, Oracle HCM customer momentum in the Cloud, and our very first Oracle ERP Cloud Services customer.

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Friday Sep 21, 2012

A "First" at Oracle OpenWorld

The Oracle Music Festival is a first at OpenWorld this year, but the “first” that Adam May is talking about is having Fusion CRM customers at the conference in San Francisco. Last year they were planning their strategies and mapping out their new release uptakes. This year they’re live on Fusion CRM and deriving real benefits from the product. Watch for them! They’ll be the ones who have people waiting in line to talk to them.[Read More]

Great Expectations - Fusion HCM Highlights at OOW

We have an impressive play list of HCM customers speaking at OpenWorld next month. Lisa Conley gives you the who, what, and where so you'll know how to make the most of your OpenWorld experience. We expect the customer sessions and the ones on Oracle HCM Cloud Services to be SRO so pass the word to arrive early.[Read More]

Monday Jul 30, 2012

HCM and BI: It’s About Making The Right Decision

It is not always easy to make sound business decisions, is it? Well, Oracle is here to help.  Steve Boese, Director Talent Strategy, Oracle, explores how critical decisions such as ones we need to make during annual compensation process or about bringing new folks on board can be simplified by bringing in relevant data and analytics at the right time and in the right context.  Continue reading to learn more. [Read More]

Thursday Jul 26, 2012

Oracle Fusion Tap Is Now Live On The Apple Apps Store!

Step right up! There's no waiting and no lines! Oracle Fusion Tap is now live on the Apple Apps store!  Starting this week, you can order Oracle’s cloud applications for your iPad and get instant-on access to your enterprise data. Now you and your employees can be more effective at your jobs anywhere, anytime. [Read More]

Wednesday Jul 18, 2012

Oracle Customer Experience Applications Critical to Success in Today’s Consumer-Centric Market

Anthony Lye, SVP, Oracle writes: "We’ve entered a new era for customer relations: the age of the empowered consumer. With proliferating social media and mobile technology, customers expect to interact with businesses constantly, from anywhere and at anytime. This new era demands state-of-the-art, integrated customer relations, as customer experience is now the primary differentiator and driver of business value. Continue reading to learn more and join Anthony at the Customer Experience Online Forum on July 31 where he will discuss Oracle’s cloud-based Customer Experience solutions to solve your multi-channel customer experience needs.[Read More]

Friday Jun 29, 2012

Mobile HCM: It’s not the future, it is right now

According to Steve Boese, Director Product Strategy, Oracle, the question for the Human Resources leader is no longer, ‘Should HR explore ways to exploit mobile devices and their always-on nature to better support and empower the modern workforce?’, but rather ‘How can HR best take advantage of smartphone and tablet capability to provide information, enable transactions, and enhance decision making?’.  Read Steve's blog to discover more about the "How".[Read More]

Wednesday May 30, 2012

The Future of Project Management is Social

Rapid Ascent. Breakneck Speed. Lightning Fast. Perhaps even overwhelming. No matter which set of adjectives we use to describe it, social media’s rise into the enterprise mainstream has been unprecedented. Indeed, the big 4 social media powerhouses (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter), have nearly 2 Billion users between them. You may be asking (as you should really) “That’s all well and good for the consumer, but for me at my company, what’s your point? Beyond the fact that I can check and post updates, that is.”

I’ll dovetail this discussion to the project management realm, since that’s what I’m writing about. Speed is a big challenge for project-driven organizations. Anything that can help speed up project delivery - be it a new product introduction effort or a geographical expansion project - fast is a good thing. So where does this whole social thing fit particularly since there are already a host of tools to help with traditional project execution?

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Wednesday May 23, 2012

Embracing Mobile

Isn’t it amazing how much mobility and mobile technologies have evolved since the days Palm bought Handspring. That was back in 2003. Today, it’s hard to imagine running our business or personal lives without the capabilities and conveniences of a mobile device. Our mobile ‘friends’ have become a way of life – and we expect a lot from them, as do our customers. It is not enough to simply display a traditional ERP application on a smartphone or a tablet. Customers expect and want more.[Read More]

Tuesday May 01, 2012

What is Embedded BI?

David Haimes, Director Product Development, Oracle lays out the A, B, C's of Embedded BI.  Read his blog post to understand how Embedded BI stacks up against its traditional predecessor.  [Read More]

Wednesday Apr 25, 2012

Financial Management in the Cloud: Is It Right for Your Business?

Thinking about moving to the cloud? Terrance Wampler, Vice President, Financials Product Strategy, Oracle, shares some questions to ask and issues to consider to help you make the decision.[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

Financial Management: Why Move to the Cloud?

Terrance Wampler, Vice President, Financials Product Strategy, Oracle, talks about the benefits and risks that financial executives are weighing as they make the decision to move to the cloud.

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Thursday Apr 05, 2012

"Why We Chose Fusion CRM" by Vikas Bhambri, Managing Partner, The Athene Group

Vikas Bhambri, Managing Partner, The Athene Group, Shares His Firm's Fusion CRM Experience.[Read More]

Monday Apr 02, 2012

Field Report - Notes from IHRIM Atlanta Event

Steve Boese, Director, Talent Strategy, Oracle, recaps his talk on the subject of Mobile Technology in Human Resources at the IHRIM Atlanta/SE Chapter meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.[Read More]

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