Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

Peter Rowley: "Definition of Insanity - Using the Same Performance Management Tools and Expecting a Different Result"

Too many organizations are expecting great things from performance management systems that are outdated or broken. The fix often comes in the form of some tweaks and tuning that might improve the experience, but not the results. In this post, Peter Rowley (pictured left) who works in Oracle HCM Solution Consulting, explains why the shift to leading-edge performance management is so essential. [Read More]

Monday Aug 25, 2014

Oracle EPM Cloud is Ramping Up; Hear the Latest at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

A Guest Post by Jennifer Toomey, Senior Director, Oracle Business Analytics (pictured left)

Oracle released Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud six months ago. In that time, it has gained more than 100 customers and 5,000 users. This is just the beginning of more Enterprise Performance Management Cloud offerings to come! Oracle’s Jennifer Toomey tells us what you can expect to see and hear at OpenWorld 2014, including Balaji Yelamanchilia, Senior VP of Product Development, demoing the next EPM Cloud offering, Oracle Financial Reporting Cloud.

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Friday Jul 25, 2014

Understanding Oracle Workforce Reputation Management

Is social media the vital skill you aren’t tracking? That’s the title of the article from Oracle’s Mark Bennett (pictured left) published in Bennett explains that employees using social media are more visible in the organization and can increase their career opportunities. They are also in a position to see how their actions and behaviors impact their influence and reputation, which can lead to more effectiveness and productivity. The workforce management reputation technology can help your customers unlock untapped insights that social media holds.[Read More]

Thursday Aug 09, 2012

Fusion Talent Review Is A Great Fit For Oracle

Mark Hurd calls talent management the number one issue for CEOs today. Companies are motivated to understand the good talent they have so they can retain them and prepare them for the future. Dr. Kirsten Hanson writes about how Fusion Talent Review will change the game for HR professionals and the business leaders at Oracle. (Part 2 of 2) 
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Thursday Aug 02, 2012

The Business Drivers for Fusion Talent Review at Oracle

Kirsten Hanson, Head of Global Organization and Talent Development at Oracle, talks about the importance of talent management at Oracle and the company's current talent management process. There was a critical need for a better solution and Oracle Fusion Talent Review is filling the bill.
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Wednesday May 30, 2012

The Future of Project Management is Social

Rapid Ascent. Breakneck Speed. Lightning Fast. Perhaps even overwhelming. No matter which set of adjectives we use to describe it, social media’s rise into the enterprise mainstream has been unprecedented. Indeed, the big 4 social media powerhouses (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter), have nearly 2 Billion users between them. You may be asking (as you should really) “That’s all well and good for the consumer, but for me at my company, what’s your point? Beyond the fact that I can check and post updates, that is.”

I’ll dovetail this discussion to the project management realm, since that’s what I’m writing about. Speed is a big challenge for project-driven organizations. Anything that can help speed up project delivery - be it a new product introduction effort or a geographical expansion project - fast is a good thing. So where does this whole social thing fit particularly since there are already a host of tools to help with traditional project execution?

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Wednesday Mar 14, 2012

Beyond Record-Keeping: What Social Means for HCM

Steve Boese, Director, Talent Strategy, Oracle, explores what Social really means for HCM and shares his insights into how Social will change every angle of human resources going forward. [Read More]

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