Tuesday Sep 08, 2015

September 15: Oracle EPM Cloud Customer Reference Forum―TBS Group

TBS Group provides integrated clinical engineering, e-health, and e-government services to public and private hospitals and health and social care companies. In this upcoming forum, TBS Group's CFO, Stefano Beorchia, will talk about the company's move to Oracle EPM Cloud. You will hear about the significant benefits to the business that Oracle's Planning and Budgeting Cloud has delivered. Join us on Tuesday, September 15.

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Monday Jul 20, 2015

Why Oracle ERP Cloud? by Terrance Wampler

Terrance Wampler (pictured left), vice president of Oracle ERP Cloud Strategy and Product Development, explains why the cloud is so appealing and how Oracle’s leading ERP cloud solution is a clear choice for business operations.

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Thursday Apr 25, 2013

Integrating the New Financials Apps in the Cloud with Your Existing Apps

A guest post by Joe Gum, Senior Director, Financials Product Strategy, Oracle Applications

Mixing the old with the new can sometimes be problematic (i.e., clothing, siblings, home decor, management). But according to Oracle Senior Director Joe Gum, things work just fine when you're mixing older enterprise applications with new Oracle Financials Cloud Service. This new cloud solution can meet your integration requirements by using Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF Services), ADF Desktop Integration, File-Based Data Import, and reporting tools. These tools should streamline your decision-making process to adopt the cloud for your financial operations.
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Wednesday Apr 25, 2012

Financial Management in the Cloud: Is It Right for Your Business?

Thinking about moving to the cloud? Terrance Wampler, Vice President, Financials Product Strategy, Oracle, shares some questions to ask and issues to consider to help you make the decision.[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

Financial Management: Why Move to the Cloud?

Terrance Wampler, Vice President, Financials Product Strategy, Oracle, talks about the benefits and risks that financial executives are weighing as they make the decision to move to the cloud.

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Wednesday May 18, 2011

Hear from Oracle Fusion Applications Insiders

Since Oracle OpenWorld 2010  a lot of information about Oracle Fusion Applications has been shared with Oracle customers, partners and the world at large. Given the stage of Oracle Fusion Applications in their lifecycle it makes sense that much of the perspective shared to-date has been from Oracle. As Oracle has been in a position to share more of the story with more people you’ll start to hear it from different places—and different perspectives, like the Oracle ACE Program.

Now, there’s an opportunity to hear from a set of people who have actually been working on Oracle Fusion Applications—and are technically “outsiders” with an outside-Oracle point-of-view. Enter the Inside Oracle Fusion Applications: Partner Insights on Oracle’s Next-Generation Applications Webcast Series. Oracle Fusion Applications co-development partners Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant have demonstrated the highest levels of business strategy, functional application domain knowledge and technical architecture expertise. Their involvement in the development and roll-out of Oracle Fusion Applications and participation in this webcast series promises to give you an insider's view into the future of business applications.

Hear About:

- How this select group of partners was involved in the development of Oracle’s Next-Generation Applications

- Their perspective on the overall strategy and key features of different Fusion Applications product families—from Human Capital Management to Customer Relationship Management and Financials

- Key business inflection points that are changing the marketplace today and how you can use Fusion Applications to address them

- Key resources, tools and technology solutions that have been developed to help you adopt Oracle Fusion Applications

- Recommendations for when and how to evaluate a transition to Oracle Fusion Applications

- Pointers to additional resources where you can learn more

Why This Is Relevant:

- Oracle Fusion Applications is a component of Oracle’s overall applications strategy, designed to work in concert with and add strategic value to your existing investments 

-  Beginning now, starting to develop your roadmap today will give you the most flexibility and options—whether you’re considering a move to Fusion Applications soon or in the future

- There are steps you can take today, without significant investment, to begin your preparation

Check for the session that best fits your interests—be it a drill-down on Human Capital Management or Customer Relationship Management or a broader perspective on ERP offerings.  

The series is coming up fast, starting on May 24th. Take a look and register today.


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